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Best Hitting And Pitching Settings In MLB The Show 23

By Roshan Khatiwada / 12 April 2023 07:51 AM

Hitting the baseball is extremely difficult in MLB The Show 23
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Best Hitting Settings MLB The Show 23 is Directional Settings. Players can choose other hitting settings like Zone Hitting and Time Hitting Settings.

These settings help to determine how the player wants to hit a pitch. It is one of the most crucial decisions that a player has to make, as it affects the entire gameplay.

Multiple settings must be managed to get the best hit out of your player. These settings include selecting the perfect interface, camera angle, and more.

All three interfaces, Directional, Zone, and Time, have their merits and demerits. It's up to you to select which interface you would like to use.

Time-hitting is mainly for beginners new to the video game, whereas Zone is for average gamers with relative experience playing the game.

Therefore, Directional hitting is the best setting out of the three as it falls between the two previously mentioned interfaces.

Hitting Settings In MLB The Show 23

Best Hitting Settings in MLB The Show 23 is a choice out of the three available interfaces. They are Zone, Directional, and Timing.

1. Zone

The zone is the hardest setting among the three and is predominantly used by seasoned players only. You need to move the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) and aim at the contact zone pressing the swing button when the pitch is thrown. 

Settings in MLB The Show 23
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You should perfectly predict the landing position of the pitch and when to hit it so you can get the best connection. The focus should be on multiple things like timing, contact zone, and direction on where you want to hit.

Zone provides the best opportunity to achieve success as it depends on the player's skill set as you need to control all the elements perfectly.

2. Directional

Directional hitting mlb the show 23 is intended for average players. 

The difference between zone and direction is that zone can be moved anywhere, whereas direction targets specific directions like left, right, center, high, and low.

It makes it relatively easy to guess the area of the ball. However, it has a limited number of directions to select from, and sometimes a pitch can fall between two directions.

In that case, you should adjust to the best of your ability.

3. Timing

The timing interface is the easiest among the three. You solely need to focus on your timing only while using this setting.

Timing is the easiest-hitting interface in the game
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You only need to select the type of swing and when to swing. Everything else is taken care of.

However, it will not help you improve your skills as a player, as you will rarely feel contact with the other two interfaces.

Pitching Settings In MLB The Show 23

Best pitching settings MLB The Show 23 includes five different options. They are Classic, Pulse, Meter, Pure Analog, and Pinpoint.

1. Classic

Classic is the most commonly known option out of the lot. It is quite similar to older versions of video games.

You only need to aim where you want to throw the pitch and then throw. Other metrics, such as velocity, control, and accuracy, are calculated according to the selected pitcher's ability.

This setting can be fruitful with a pitcher having great statistics.

2. Pulse

This is the simplest setting after the classic. You don't need to focus on velocity while using Pulse.

There are five different interfaces in the pitching setting for MLB The Show 23
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The aiming marker is a circle that pulsates continuously. The button should be pressed for better accuracy when the circle is at its smallest.

Pitchers with high-velocity attributes will benefit from this setting.

3. Meter

Meter is slightly more complex than the previous two. You need to click the button when the meter reaches the top zone and again press the button when the meter slams down to the lower zone.

The first press is for determining the speed of the pitch, whereas the second is for accuracy. The meter moves faster as the area is also smaller during the second pass, making it challenging to pitch accurately.

4. Pure Analog

Pure analog makes use of a thumbstick. You have to use both the left and right thumbsticks.

Firstly, you need to aim with the left thumbstick and then pull back the right thumbstick to get the meter falling slowly down and push the thumbstick towards the red zone when the meter is in the zone.

5. Pinpoint

Pinpoint is the hardest among the five pitching settings and is widely used by veteran players only. It also makes use of a thumbstick.

A player getting ready to pitch the ball in MLB The Show 23
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The left stick is used to aim, whereas the right stick is used to trace a pattern with just the right timing so that the cursor reaches the point as the circle where you aimed comes to a close.

You should maintain precise movement and timing to throw a good pitch.

Some Tips To Hit Better In MLB The Show 23

How to hit better in MLB The Show 23 is the most asked question after the release of the game. Multiple things must be focused on to produce a perfect hit.

It is not easy to hit a baseball, so you should not expect to hit every ball. Even the best players only manage to hit the ball a little over once in three at-bats.

MLB The Show 23 Hitting Tips

Here are some tips on how to hit the ball better in MLB The Show 23:

1. Use the best-hitting interface

As we discussed earlier, there are three hitting interfaces to select from in the game. These interfaces determine what you need to do during batting.

You can use the interface you feel comfortable with. However, we recommend using the Directional interface. It provides you enough freedom to hit your desired shot with less complexity.

2. Use the correct swing type

No matter which hitting interface you select, you need to play accurate shots when in the diamond. There are three types of swings; Normal, Contact, and Power.

Power, Normal, and Contact are the swing option available in the game
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Focus on using normal swings rather than the other two. It provides you with decent contact and power.

Use power swings only when you are ahead in the count, and use contact swings when you're down in the count.

3. Select the best-hitting view

You need to be able to read the pitches to hit them. So, select the hitting view that gives you the best chance to read the pitcher's pitch.

We recommend using the Strike Zone view. It is one of the most popular camera views and gives you the best chance to view the pitcher.

4. Don't swing at every ball

Hitting a baseball is a difficult task. Hence, you must be calm and composed when in the diamond.

Don't start swinging at every ball unless you're about to strike out. Only hit the balls you feel are in the zone.

5. Know when to swing early and when late

Sometimes hitting with perfect accuracy and timing might not be enough. You should know when to swing a bit early and a bit late.

A shot with perfect timing and accuracy
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You need to swing a bit early on inside pitches else your contact will be weak. Similarly, you should swing a bit late on outside pitches sometimes.

Adjusting your timing will create doubt in the mind of the pitcher.

Best Hitting Camera View In MLB The Show 23

Best hitting view MLB The Show 23 is Strike Zone. There are about a dozen of views to choose from.

However, we are primarily looking for a view that gives us a better chance to hit the ball, which narrows down the field significantly. Three views enable you to view the pitcher and the ball closely.

1. Strike Zone

Strike Zone is the view that we will recommend you use. It provides a clear close-up view of the pitcher.

The view makes it easier to see the ball's trajectory and time your shot perfectly.

2. Strike Zone 3

This view is quite similar to the previous one, with the only difference being most of your batsman is visible on the screen.

However, the view does make it harder to read the pitcher's movement and control the PCI.

3. Strike Zone High

It is also quite similar to the previous two. The batter in this view is seen more than in Strike Zone and less than in Strike Zone 3.

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