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10 Best Baseball Stadiums To Visit

By Roshan Khatiwada / 17 May 2023 02:45 AM

Oracle Park during the opening day of the 2023 MLB season
Source : instagram

Best baseball stadiums to visit include Oracle Park, PNC Park, and Petko Park. Oracle Park is considered the best stadium in 2023.

Baseball is one of the major sports in America. The tradition of going to the ballpark to watch their favourite team's game has been going on for generations.

Watching a game at home is also fun, but nothing compares to going to the ground and experiencing the game. In the major league, there are thirty grounds, with each having unique features and attractions.

Going to different grounds is a good way of experiencing the game. In addition, it also allows us to learn new cultures and the history of the specific stadium.

Most old ballparks have a rich history dating back to even the early 1910s, whereas the new retro parks provide a modern touch to the stadiums. Nonetheless, every ballpark has its distinct features that make the experience of watching the game better.

10 Nicest Baseball Stadiums

Best MLB stadiums include the Cubs' home ground Wrigley Field. Dodger Stadium, Coors Field, and Target Field are some of the other ballparks on the list.

Here is a list of the ten nicest baseball stadiums in the major league:

1. Oracle Park

Oracle is the home of the Giants from San Fransisco. Established in 2000, the ballpark is situated along the city bay.

From food varieties and parks for kids to the beautiful view of the right field and McCovey Cove, the ballpark is among the best in the majors. In addition, there are no seats that are bad in the park.

Even the seats at the upper level provide a scenic view of the bay. The eighty-foot-long Coca-Cola bottle with playground slides that light up whenever the Giants score a homer is one of the other mesmerizing features of the park.

2. PNC Park

The home ground of the Pirates is one of the classic parks to watch a game of baseball. One of the smallest grounds in MLB, PNC not only provides many homers but also boasts some stunning views.

PNC Park provides a stunning view of the Allegheny River and Roberto Clemente Bridge
Source : instagram

The Allegheny River separates the ballpark from downtown. Almost all the seats in the park provide a breathtaking view of the river and the Roberto Clemente Bridge that connects downtown to the park.

Great food options and Kids Play Land are other attractions of the ground.

3. Petco Park

The home of the Padres combines the scenic views of San Diego with the best sight lines in the major. The architecture reflects the natural beauty and diversity of the city.

In addition to celebrating the sea and the sky, the innovative designs with state-of-the-art facilities provide an intimate setting. After every Padres' home run, fireworks are set off, providing a breathtaking experience and view.

About two hundred and forty-four HDTV monitors and five hundred SDTVs allow the fans to view the game from bars, restaurants, concession stands, and more. The food and bar options are among the best in the entire MLB.

4. Wrigley Field

The ballpark, built in 1914, has been the home to the Cubs for over a century. One of the oldest grounds in the major, Wrigley is famous for its unique traditions.

Wrigley during the opening night of Winterland at Gallagher Way
Source : instagram

The manual scoreboard, rooftop seats, and ivy-covered brick wall are some of Wrigley's other attractions that reflect the historical aspects of the park.

The multi-phased renovation completed in 2019 added some modern features without hampering the park's overall aesthetic and old charm. Wrigley is one of the best places to watch a game of baseball.

5. Dodger Stadium

The Dodger Stadium has been welcoming fans from all around the world and providing them with its stunning view and its legendary past. Built in 1964, it is the largest seating stadium in the majors.

The center field concourse has two medium-sized scoreboards on both outfield sides. The scoreboard adds to the scenic view of Chavez Ravine, painting a stunning backdrop of the center field.

6. Fenway Park

The oldest ground in the major league is about taking the experience rather than other amenities. The left field wall, known as the Green Monster, is one of the park's best attractions.

The home to the Red Sox, Fenway is the oldest ballpark in the major league
Source : instagram

Although the stadium is old-fashioned, as it's a 111-year-old with many limitations like obstructed seats, the ballpark holds many historic baseball moments. Watching a game at the park with so much history behind it is a treat.

7. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The first retro park of the Major League boasts an asymmetric playing field and brick exterior. Camden is the inspiration behind most of the retro ballparks built today.

The picnic area covered with orange umbrellas behind the bullpen is a treat to watch. The ballpark was named the number two ballpark in America in 2014 by TripAdvisor.

The statue of Babe Ruth on the street is one of the other attractions and pays homage to one of the greatest players in the history of baseball.

8. Busch Stadium

The Cardinals' home ground was built in 2006 and is one of the newest in the league. The retro ballpark features a panoramic view of the St Louis skyline, including the historic Gateway Arch.

A stunning view from the upper deck of the Busch Stadium
Source : instagram

In addition, the park has an entertainment complex that is 100,000 square feet long. The complex features the Cardinals Hall of Fame and other amenities like a sports bar.

Further, every seat in Busch Stadium provides a spectacular view. Fredbird store, a large amount of food and drinks options are among other features that make the ballpark a must-visit.

9. Kauffman Stadium

The signature fountain alone at The K is enough for anyone to visit the Royals ballpark. The 322-foot-long water spectacle is a treat to your eyes.

The 360-degree expanded concourse of Kauffman has more than seventy concessions. Belfonte Ice Cream and Bullpen Burger are famous food concessions at the park.

The ground further features The Hall of Fame section in the left field area with exciting and entertaining exhibits. The ballpark has something for everyone, from activities for kids to sports bars for adults.

10. Target Field

Target Field has been the home to the Twins since 2010. The wall next to the left field with the limestone backstop is among some of the major attractions.

Minnie and Paul shaking hands is one of the features of the Target Field
Source : instagram

The center field features the Twin logo with Mr. Minneapolis and Mr. Paul shaking hands. The logo across the Mississippi River illuminates every time the Twins hit a homer.

In addition, the Twins recently added a new videoboard at the ground, almost double the previous one.

Original Baseball Stadiums Still In Use

Oldest baseball stadiums include Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. These ballparks have been home to MLB games for the last century.

They are the only ballparks in the major league over seventy years old. The next oldest stadium is the Dodger Stadium, built in 1962 after the team relocated from Brooklyn.

The Angels Stadium is the fourth oldest among the major league parks, built four years after the Dodgers. The A's home ground was also built during the same time as the Angels.

Out of the thirty MLB parks, fourteen of them were built before the turn of the century. Globe Life Field, the home to all Rangers games, is the latest among the thirty, built in 2020.

Mariners' home park T-Mobile Arena was the last to be built before the turn of the century.

The Dodgers celebrating Jackie Robinson Day on their home field
Source : instagram

Here is the list of the ten of the oldest stadiums in the major league:

Tropicana Field1990
Fenway Park1912
Oriole Park at Camden Yards1992
Guaranteed Rate Field1991
RingCentral Stadium1966
Dodgers Stadium1962
Rogers Centre1989
Kauffman Stadium1973
Wrigley Field1914
Angel Stadium1966
Name of the StadiumYear Built

Smallest Ballparks In MLB

Smallest baseball stadiums are Progressive Field and LoanDepot Park. The Guardians' home ground is the smallest in the major league having a capacity of 34,830.

It is the only ground in the major with a capacity of less than thirty-five thousand. LoanDepot Park is the second smallest and among one of three ballparks having a capacity of thirty-seven thousand.

The other two are Fenway Park and Kauffman Stadium, respectively. Target Field and PNC Park are the only other two parks having a capacity of less than forty thousand.

Comerica Park, Guaranteed Rate Field, Globe Life Field, and Petco Park round off the top ten list of the smallest grounds in the MLB.

On the other hand, Dodgers Stadium is the biggest ballpark in the major league. It has a capacity of 56,000.

Progressive Field has been the home to Cleveland's baseball team for the last thirty years
Source : instagram

Here is a list of the five smallest ballparks in MLB:

Fenway Park37,755
LoanDepot Park37,442
Name of BallparkCapacity
Target Field38,544
Progressive Field34,830
Kauffman Stadium37,903

Hitter Friendly MLB Stadiums

Hitter friendly ballparks include The Great American Ballpark. The ballpark saw the most home runs among MLB stadiums in the 2022 season.

A total of 137 homers were smashed in the Reds' home ground. The park, famously known as the Bandbox of MLB, has short walls beyond the left side, and the gaps don't even measure up to 380 feet.

Coors Field and Oracle Park are other ballparks that favor power hitters. The Giants' home ground is just 302 feet from the home plate to the right and 309 to the left, whereas Coors has been a hitting paradise since its inception due to Denver's high elevation and dry climate.

Fenway Park, Dodgers Stadium, and Guaranteed Rate Field are among other ballparks that provide some support for the hitters.

Great American Ballpark is one of the friendliest grounds for a hitter
Source : instagram

Here is a list of some of the friendly ballparks for batters:

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