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10 Best Baseball Glove Conditioner And Oil To Use

By Roshan Khatiwada / 11 May 2023 02:20 AM

A new Rawlings Glove placed perfectly on the mat
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Best baseball glove conditioner include Sarna Glove Leather Conditioner and Nokona NLT Classic Leather. Several oils can be used in gloves.

The skin of a new baseball mitt can wear out and dry quickly if not handled with care. A pitcher must keep his gauntlet free of cracks and in good condition.

That is why players use lotions on their mitts to prevent them from being damaged. However, which rub to use can be a daunting task for anyone.

The right amount and quality rub will protect the baseball glove and make the leather look good, whereas a bad-quality lotion can ruin your mitt.

In addition, using lotion enhances longevity, prevents skin pores from closing, and helps to break in quickly. So, selecting a good quality rub for your baseball gloves is very important.

5 Baseball Glove Conditioner

Best Glove Conditioner include Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner and Hot Glove Cream Conditioner. There are lots of lotions available in the market.

You must be very careful while choosing a baseball glove oil or conditioner, as a bad choice will likely distort your gauntlet. Most baseball players use different types of rubs for various purposes.

Some lotions are good for breaking into the mitt, whereas some are great at preserving the gloves.

Here is a list of five of the best conditioners to use for your gloves:

1. Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

Wilson is one of the best conditioners to use for your gauntlet. It not only moisturizes your stiff gloves but also helps to break in easily.

The product manufactured in the USA is easy to use, safe, and effective. The lotion uses lanolin and vitamin E; both are great ingredients for preserving the mitt skin and making them soft.

Rawlings has wide range of products from high-end lubricants to normal oils
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In addition, the product does not use flammable or toxic elements like some other inferior products. However, the lotion is color effective and darkens the gauntlet's leather.

The rub doesn't add weight to the gloves; its water resistance feature ensures the rain doesn't spoil them.

2. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner

The Hot Glove is mainly used to condition, maintain, and care for mitts. The conditioner is less famous for its breaking-in capability.

Using this, you can easily protect your gauntlet safely and effectively. The lotion is made of the same ingredients as the previous one and is non-toxic and nonflammable.

Wilson is the bet product to break into a new leather equipment
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In addition, the lotion adds a tacky surface to the glove helping catch the balls effectively. It will protect your gauntlet from dryness and stiffness.

Further, when used, the lotion removes oil, softens the mitt, and restores the color for longer than other products. It is non-sticky and repels moisture and water.

3. Sarna Glove Leather Conditioner

Preserving gloves require a lot of effort and time. The college and professional athletes designed the Sarna Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner to make this process easier.

The lotion not only keeps your mitts in perfect shape but also increases the life span of your gauntlet. The cream is made up of a blend of premium and high-quality ingredients that prevent the darkening of the mitt.

Nokona has been one of the best product on the market for the last fifty years
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As former players are responsible for developing the product, it deals with most issues. The lotion works perfectly with all gloves, including the catcher's mitt.

Sarna conditions and restores your gauntlet and helps to make them soft. Also, it increases the life span of your gloves and other equipment.

4. Nokona NLT Classic Leather

Nokona has been one of the products used by MLB players for the last half a century. The conditioner has been providing a high-quality performance to soften and maintain mitts.

The lotion is perfect for breaking into new baseball gloves, cleaning, and preserving the mitt and leather. And you don't need to use it in a huge amount; a small amount can also provide long-lasting effects.

Hot Glove protects your gauntlet from stiffness and dryness
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Not only does it break into the new gauntlet, but the ingredients used in the product are also best at maintaining the mitt's shape. In addition, it does not soak into the gloves like some other oils and lotions.

The lotion is applicable by bare hands as it is non-toxic. The product is available in small sizes only as one pack is of hundred grams only.

Unlike other rubs, Nokana has no strong scent; it brings out the glove's natural skin scent. However, the product does leave a color effect on the gauntlet.

5. Rawlings Glovolium Glove Rub

Rawling is one of the top companies producing accessories related to baseball. It has multiple products like Gold Butter Conditioner, Glovolium Glove Oil, and Glovolium Glove Rub.

The Gold Butter edition is only for some to use. It is a lotion designed for unique and high-end baseball mitts that are very expensive.

Sarna is a product developed by former professional and college level athletes
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However, the Glove Rub is a product that can be used for normal baseball gauntlets. The rub transforms your old mitts and gives them a new feeling.

The lotion softens the glove and gives the right amount of moisture without over-softening them. In addition, the rub does not cause any discoloration.

Best Baseball Glove Oil

Best oil for baseball glove is Obenauf's Leather Oil. The product is slightly high-end because of its cost, but its result is unmatched.

The lubricant is excellent in restoring old baseball leather gauntlets. The product uses a natural formula and comprises propolis, natural preserving oils, and beeswax.

The product is used for baseball gloves and all leather-related items. The product manufactured in America has a special convenient dauber applicator which can be a burden.

Obenauf's Leather Oil prevents the cracking and drying of the leather's skin
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The lubricant not only restores old mitts but also protects and preserves them. In addition, the oil leaves no odor behind after it is applied.

Obenauf's Leather Oil maintains new mitts by adding waterproofing to the glove's skin and moisturizes the gauntlet simultaneously. The lubricant is designed specifically to restore old skin and maintain new. 

The unique formula used to produce the lubricant resists the cracking and drying of the skin and keeps them smooth and soft. However, the product has a demerit; it significantly darkens the mitt's skin.

Here are the main features of the oil:

  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Leaves no odor after use
  • Waterproofs the gloves and removes dryness
  • Keeps the gauntlet soft and flexible

Alternatives For Baseball Glove Oil

Baseball glove oil alternatives include Vaseline and shaving cream. As mitt lubricants are expensive, not everyone can buy them, and people look for other options.

There are a few other products that most people can afford and use instead of glove lubricants. Products like Lanolin oil and Mint oil soften the skin of the mitt.

Here are some of the alternatives to glove oil:

1. Lanolin Oil

Lanolin oil is the best alternative, as most gauntlet oils and lotions use it. The lubricant is designed to soften, protect, and preserve leather.

Mink Oil is extracted from a fat layer below the mink's skin
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It is derived from sheep and is in wax-like texture. The lubricant is accessible on the skin, with no added preservatives or chemicals.

2. Neatsfoot Oil

Neatsfoot oil, as the name suggests, is extracted from the shin bones of cattle. The lubricant helps to soften and maintain the condition of the leather on the mitt.

However, prime neatsfoot oil must not be used as its added preservatives, and chemicals can damage the gauntlet. You should use the pure form of the lubricant only.

3. Mink Oil

Mink oil is similar to neatsfoot oil and is extracted from the fat layer inside the skin of minks. The lubricant helps restore the leather's moisture, which is why it can be used for baseball mitts.

Shaving cream is one of the most common product found in every household
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However, it is less effective than the previous two in the list because the effects of mink oil last for a short time.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is mainly used for cooking. But you can also use it in your baseball gauntlet because it moisturizes leather.

In contrast, olive oil darkens the leather's color, making it heavy and slippery.

5. Shaving Cream

Just like shaving cream softens your skin, it also softens the leather of your baseball mitt.

Lanonin Oil is the best alternative to use for softening of leather equipment
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You must ensure you use shaving cream free of any alcohol or chemical. Using a product that contains preservatives damages your baseball gauntlets.

6. Vaseline

Vaseline is something that is very commonly found in every household. Vaseline comprises rich minerals that soften the mitt's skin and helps preserve and moisturize the leather of your baseball gauntlet.

You need to be patient while using Vaseline and use it wisely as it spreads quickly, and overusing it can make your mitts heavy. Applying it on a clean rag and rubbing it into the gauntlet is the way to do it.

Some FAQs

How to break in a new baseball glove?

The best way to break into a new baseball mitt is to play catch using the mitt as much as possible.

How to clean a baseball glove?

To clean a baseball mitt, wipe off the dust using a clean rag, then apply shaving cream or conditioner throughout the glove. Finally, wipe off the excess, and your glove is cleaned and ready. 

How to oil a baseball glove?

First, start by applying the lubricant on a clean rag. Then, rub the mitt from the palm area, cover the whole mitt in a circular motion, and let the gauntlet dry after wiping the excess oil.

Can you use vegetable oil on a baseball glove?

Yes, you can use vegetable oil on your gloves as it helps soften the leather. However, applying it too much or frequently can make your gloves heavier.

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