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Top Ten Best Batting Gloves For Baseball

By Aditya Bhattarai / 8 March 2023 10:47 AM

Franklin issued limited edition Armed Forces Memorial Day edition batting gloves wore by a Dodgers hitter in game.
Source : franklinsports

The best batting gloves for baseball provide superior grips, shock absorption, and palm protection. The gloves are made from leather and synthetic materials.

Batting gloves are not a mandatory accessory, as many players from the previous generations made it big without using gloves. Iconic baseball players like Babe Ruth did not have gloves in his time, and Ty Cobb hated wearing them.  

They are a thing of the newer generation that is conscious of slipping bats, sweaty hands, and the vibration stings when hitting the ball. Similar to choosing suitable bats based on the size and weight of the players, wearing gloves can improve the playing style and comfort.

Batting globes were first introduced in baseball during the forties when Giants player Bobby Thompson used gloves for better grip on the bat and easier control of the swing.

Later, they were used more frequently after the 1960s to prevent blisters. They eventually became official equipment for national games after the eighties.

What Do Batting Gloves Do?

Batting gloves are official baseball gear for precaution against blisters and slippery hands. They provide better grip confidence to swing the bats efficiently.

In addition to that, the gloves can also reduce the vibration impact from hitting the ball. After a powerful shot, its impact can numb the hands with a spiking sensation, especially when using metal bats.

These batting gloves have a padded palm structure, sticky leather grips, and breathable materials for sweat-free hands.

Although gloves are not necessary for every player, they increase the effectiveness of any batter. A usual bare-handed player would prefer playing with the gloves all the time after wearing them once.

Below are three significant purposes of Batting gloves, along with their effectiveness. 

Increased Grip When Swinging The Bat

A batting glove brand often boasts sticky materials on the palm for a highly effective grip on the bat. Good control of the grip is synonymous with confident hitting.

If the bat slips even a few inches during the swing, the distraction can ruin the player's confidence in hitting the ball. The slipping occurs on hot sunny days, especially during the summer when players get sweaty.

Player ready to bat with Marucci Baseball batting gloves on.
Source : facebook

In worst-case scenarios, the bat can slip away from the hand, leading to dangerous outcomes on the field. Gloves are best for keeping the grip safe while it keeps the sweat away from the bat.

Shock Absorption During Shots

A baseball bat can transfer multiple levels of shock and vibration to the batter depending on the hit. Batting gloves have padding to reduce the impact felt.

Baseballs are a mixture of corks and rubber wrapped with yarn and horse skin to make them hard. When such balls are struck with a bat using a full power swing, the resulting impact can harm the fingers or the skin on the hand.

Since the force of the shot is directly related to the impact, a player needs to experience much pain when hitting big, especially during winter.

Aderlin Rodriguez batting in action with the gloves on to prevent slipping of bat.
Source : facebook

Hence, most players began using gloves from the early levels of practice to get acquainted and land perfect shots on the ball.

Comfortable Hands With Protection

Batting gloves can make the hands comfortable with padding and sweat absorption features. Similarly, they also prevent the hands from getting blisters after a long day of practice.

Many players get uncomfortable holding the bat for almost a week after getting a blister, which is detrimental to their growth.

Hence, playing with these gloves will ensure they perform well daily without worrying about skin troubles.

How Should A Baseball Glove Fit?

A baseball glove should fit snuggly in the dominant hand for optimal performance. Bigger gloves will allow the hands to move around, and smaller sizes are hard to wear.


The quantities and sizes of the baseball gloves will differentiate for their specific positions, as shown in the image above.

The following factors should be considered for the perfect fit of baseball gloves.

  • Selection of size based on each hand.
  • Choosing the leather quality and durability.
  • Measuring the circumference of the palm
  • Measure the length from all the fingers to the heel. 
  • Estimation of padding as per the requirement.

Best Batting Gloves For Baseball

The best batting gloves for baseball players are Franklin Sports MLB, Seibertron 2.0 and Spiderz Adult Hybrid. Franklin is the best for overall traits.

When selecting a perfect glove for batters, it is essential to prioritize the following traits to obtain the best results;

  • Checking on the materials and stitching qualities of the product. Confirming on leather or synthetic leather can be based on preferences, while other fabrics should have some breathable room with proper ventilation.
  • The fitting should perfectly shape the hands and fingers with close bonding while leaving ample room to move around when stretched. Adjustable velcro locking can fix the ideal fit, while the middle finger can be used as a reference to confirm the length.
  • Checking for grip quality through the sticky nature of the palm, textured fabrics, unique gripping designs, and Cabretta leather styles for better traction.
  • Confirming the wrist closure for velcro grip designs or wrapping up designs based on preference.
  • Understanding the required amount of padding that cannot hamper the movements and soften the impact to some extent.

Here are ten batting gloves that are best for baseball hitters.

1. Franklin Sports CFX Pro MLB Batting Gloves

The Franklin CFX Pro is the perfect batting glove for official baseball players. They are made from premium leather that lasts a few seasons without tearing.

MLB CFX Pro edition of Franklin Sports batting gloves are the first choice among the baseball hitters.
Source : walmart

Their build quality and comfort make them a comfortable choice enough to be ranked the number one pick on the list. Since the materials are pure leather with the best gripping textures on the palm, these gloves fit the hand perfectly for the specified size.

Its only drawback is the lack of ventilation, but the given ventilations provide enough air for the hands. Meanwhile, the secure fit closure keeps the gloves from slipping and moving. They are available on Amazon for a price of $38.

2. Seibertron BAR Pro 2.0 Batting Gloves

Seibertron BAR Pro 2.0 are the perfect glove with superior gripping technology. The anti-slipping feature on Sibertron is proven unbeatable in glove brands.

Seibertron Bar pro 2.0 are ranked as the best anti-slip batting gloves by baseball players.
Source : facebook

The specific anti-slip fingertips can ensure perfect traction on the bat, never allowing it to slip from the hands. Likewise, the adjustable Velcro cuffs can help maintain the best fit for males and females. 

They are made from Synthetic leather materials with properly ventilated pores to ensure breathability. Siebertron Bar Pro version 2.0 features silicon gel padding on the palms, specified grip textures on the core areas, and flexible straps. 

Coupled with all the above features, these pair of sticky gloves are available on Amazon at the best value-for-money price of $20.

3. Under Armour Harper Hustle Batting Gloves

The Under Armour Harper Hustle line of batting gloves is specifically designed for baseball players. These stylish pair of gloves boast higher quality and grip.

The Harper Hustle batting gloves from Under Armour are known for their durable built and grip.
Source : pinterest

The synthetic palm materials with textured designs provide high durability from friction or wear & tear for multiple seasons. The precisely positioned synthetic overlays on the upper side provide additional support without bulky paddings.

Likewise, they use more durable elastic rubbers called Neoprene on the wrist for the straps to adjust better fit. These materials are more flexible than rubber, even in winter, providing better comfort.

These UA gloves are more popular among younger boys and cost less than thirty bucks. You can order it through the official Under Armour website or Amazon.

4. Bruce Bolt Cabretta Leather Short Cuff Batting Gloves

The Bruce Bolt Batting gloves are handmade from premium Cabretta leather making them more durable. They boast higher durability than any other brands.

Cabretta leather is the highest quality material, providing a superior feel and strength while having a soft texture. Coupled with their specific stitching techniques, the Bruce+Bolt has a smooth feel for the hand.

Bruce Bolt is made of Cabretta leather with double reinforced palm for better protection.
Source : pinterest

Bruce Bolt remains soft in any environment, and rubbing leather conditioners can restore its softness if they get hard. Being soft and strong is their biggest selling point considering the high price of $75 to $80 on Amazon.

Since they do not use stitching near the major wear-out points of the glove, they are more comfortable to finger curves and wrists. They have Lycra linings, inverse stitching between the fingers and knuckles, and an embedded bolt logo on the upper part. 

5. Louisville Slugger Genuine Batting Gloves

The Louisville Slugger Genuine is one of the best batting gloves for baseball. It is designed for batting performance.

Their Single-piece embossed synthetic design on the palm and thumbs provides a perfect grip.

Being a brand that makes baseball bats, they understand what the gloves need to ensure the batters feel comfortable hitting the ball. They have considered all the possible requirements within a pocket-friendly budget.

The Louisville Slugger Genuine edition batting gloves are value for money option for batting performance.
Source : facebook

These gloves feature neoprene on wrist closure as they are proven for their comfortability compared to other elastics. In addition, the stretch lycra on the backhand will provide flexible mobility and breathability for a long day of practice or match.

The materials used in Louisville Slugger Genuine will not shrink over time as they are made of synthetic materials, making them stay fit and supportive for an extended period.

On top of such features, they are quite affordable for baseball hitters since its costs around $20 on Amazon for both versions. 

6. Spiderz Hybrid Batting Gloves

Spiderz Hybrid batting gloves boast anti-slip cobweb patterns for ensuring the grip like a spider. The palm and thumb will stick to the bat for stable swings.

The webbing design is made in a way that won't peel away after experiencing regular friction and tension during games. Similarly, they are lightweight with silicon gel padding that reduces the striking impacts and keeps the palm cool.

The USA flag edition of Spiderz Hybrid batting gloves provide a patriotic feel for baseball players.
Source : facebook

Their claim of being premium batting gloves is proven by the materials used for better grips, breathability, and snug fit. Gel padding on the palm and lycra materials on the top side also ensures comfort with no heating issues in summer.

The neoprene wrist wrap with triple-reinforced technology will restrict any unwanted movements when playing. The flex-cut knuckles will provide better protection on the top hand along with the raised Spider print.

These pair of Spider design batting gloves are available for $39 on Amazon with multiple size options for youth and adults.

7. EASTON Gametime Batting Gloves

The EASTON Gametime is the synonym for comfort in the world of batting gloves. They are designed to support multiple swings without adjusting. 

They use premium goatskin leather on the palm and thumb for a soft, comfortable feel with a suitable grip. Similarly, they feature a four-way stretch mesh on top to ensure superior flexibility compared to other options on the market.

EASTON Gametime Batting Gloves are ranked as the best in comfort.
Source : amazon

The mesh design on the backhand provides better breathability to keep the hands fresh during a heated game. The neoprene cuffs with branded pull tabs will help keep the perfect fit throughout the game.

EASTON has a stylish design with various size options on Amazon, available for a budget price of $26. Additional options exist for a VRS pad system to ensure higher protection from vibrations and blisters.

8. Rawlings Workhorse 950 Batting Gloves

Rawlings Workhorse 950 adult series batting gloves are sturdy and highly durable. They also use the Oiltac treatment on leather for better grip and softness.

The Workhorse line from Rawlings provides better comfort to batters because of the soft leather on the palm and thumb. They boast of providing better protection from blisters while ensuring a tight grip.

Workhorse 950 features Oiltac treatment leather for grip and softness, making it a comfortable glove for batters.
Source : amzn

Likewise, the protective padding and soft leather texture reduce vibrations when striking the ball, keeping the hands safe from impact.

In addition to that, the Dynamic fit system and adjustable elastic wrist closure will ensure higher flexibility and comfort. The finger gussets are also lined with double-knot spandex for unrestricted stretching and reflexes.

These Rawlings Workhorse 950 batting gloves are available on Amazon for $35. 

9. Marucci Blacksmith Men's Baseball Batting Gloves

The Marucci Blacksmith gloves are one of the best batting gloves for baseball made from durable genuine leather on the palm.

They are designed for players that work hard for long hours. Best known for their ability to endure intense training and heavy work, their palms are made from embossed goatskin for better grip and traction. Likewise, they have reinforced padding on strategic locations to ensure protection from impacts.

The Blacksmith batting gloves by Marucci are built to endure long hours of training with better grip on palm and fingers.
Source : facebook

The anti-slip embossed design will allow confident swings without worrying about the stinging sensation on the palm. Likewise, they use extended leather wraps on the index finger for abrasion resistance and a perfect grip on the bat.

Lastly, the fully elastic wristband wrap will reinforce wrist strength while keeping a perfect fit during the game. The backhand has quality fabrics to ensure flexibility and breathability. 

Meanwhile, these pair of Marucci batting gloves are slightly expensive, considering their qualities. Depending on the color and size, they can cost up to $68 on Amazon.

10. Victus Debut 2.0 Baseball Batting Gloves

The Victus Debut batting gloves version 2 are made from registered Pittards Sheepskin. They boast higher durability and grip with a featured anti-slip system.

Victus Debut 2.0 is a improved version of its predecessor with lighter materials and prittard sheepskin for better grip.
Source : pinterest

They have used Pittards sheepskin leather and Gripster technology for increased grip in the presence of moisture. Compared to their previous version, they have a lighter build because of the two-way stretch knit Carbonium Synthetic on the back.

Similarly, the stretchable back improves flexibility, while dedicated ventilation pores on the front and back will ensure proper breathability. Victus Debut has also used lightweight neoprene cuffs on the wrist for a comfortable fit.

A pair of Victus Debut 2.0 batting gloves cost anywhere from $45 to $50 on Amazon, depending on the size.

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