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Top 11 Brands Best Baseball Gloves For Youth

By Ayush Khadka / 24 June 2023 02:24 AM

Youngster can enjoy baseball with their appropriate glove sizes.
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Best Baseball Gloves For Youth are Rawlings, Mizuno, Nokona and Wilson. These manufacturers produce great quality mitts for young players.

Baseball Gloves are worn by players from the defensive side, which helps them to field and catch the balls from hitters. These gloves also referred to as Mitts, are usually made up of leather. The mitts are worn at either the left or right hand, depending on the user's dominant side. 

The early baseball era was played without gloves, with barehanded catchers and the fielder taking balls every match. The first player believed to have utilized a mitt was Cinncinati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison in 1870 due to a hand injury. Charlie Waitt was a confirmed user in 1875. 

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bill Doak suggested the major league adopt the modern-day pocket-styled glove design with a web placed between the thumb and index finger. His suggestion became the inspiration for all modern manufacturers today. 

These gloves offer great protection for the players, especially catchers who have to take in lots of fast-ball pitches traveling 85+ miles per hour. These mitts are designed differently for pitchers, catchers, outfield and infield baseballers, and have a size of 9 inches for youths.

11 Baseball Gloves For Youth

Youth Baseball Gloves consist of Rawlings Select PRO-LITE, Wilson A2000 SuperSkin DP15, and Mizuno Prospect PowerClose. 

There are many baseball gloves in the market as of 2023. The top manufacturers are Rawlings, Mizuno, Marucci, Wilson, Akadema, Shoeless Joe, and Nokona.

1. Rawlings Youth Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Select PRO-LITE is made of leather and is present between 11.25 to 12.25 inches in size.

Rawlings are one of the top baseball gear manufacturers.
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This baseball glove is available for outfield and infield positions and left-handed and right-handed players. A soft leather shell is present in all variants with a comfortable palm lining for shock reduction. 

Likewise, the mitts have a lightweight design with lightly textured vinyl that is easy to control and close. The Break-in is already 90% through the factory, and only 10% is dependent on the player. 

The 11.25 inches infield model is a Corey Seager version, while the 11.5 inches is a Francisco Lindor version. Similarly, the right-handed 12 inches outfield one is the Bryce Harper variant but made of synthetic. 

2. Wilson Youth Baseball Gloves 

Wilson A500 12 Utility is a great glove for outfield and infield baseballers. This model is made of leather and has a lightweight design with sturdiness. 

The top-grained all-leather build makes it quite durable for youngsters. Likewise, the mitt features a Quick Fit Wrist elastic system that adjusts accordingly to the wrist by hugging it. A rolled dual welting is present in the liners offering greater support and holding the structure. 

Moreover, there are also the Royal Blue laces, and the finger stalls are narrower, which aids in better control of the mitt to give stability. The Dual Post Web design will help the ball travel to the pocket seamlessly. The mitt is available for $74.95 at their official website. 

3. Wilson Baseball Gloves A2000

Wilson 2023 A2000 is an infield choice with a 12" and is built from pro-stock leather and contains SuperSkin material.

Wilson has produced quality goods for youngsters.
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The mitt's SuperSkin is a microfiber material whose weight is half of the leather, but more durable at the same time. The glove has a moisture-resistant design which is easier to clean than regular leather. 

The mitt also features a Comfort Pro Fit design, with ProLux leather filling as the liner to create a softer feeling in the user's hands. The Comfort sleeve helps to cover up the wrist binding to offer better comfort. A Thin Heel Pad will also help in making a faster Break-In

The mitts also feature bold logos that have multiple eye-catching colors. This gives off a more premium feel to the mitt. Similarly, the glove also features Gap Welting, maintaining stability in the pocket. The mitt is available for $299.95 on Amazon.

4. Mizuno Youth Baseball Gloves

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose is made up of full-grain pigskin leather and costs $55 for the 11" size mitt. 

The pigskin is rougher than the cowhide adding a better durability factor. A ButterSoft palm liner is there, which provides better comfort and feel while wearing the mitt. Similarly, there is also an AirMesh Back that helps with breathability. 

The MZO lining will dispel the perspiration from the player's skin, while the Parashock Palm Pad will offer extra protection. This product also has its two lace loops removed for better flexibility. Their Powerclose technology makes it easier for youngsters to make an easy catch. 

5. Rawlings Gamer ContoUR 10.5"

This model is designed with an all-leather catching surface and is 10.5 inches in size. 

This product applies to young players of any position and does not need the baseballer to break in. The catching surface is leather construction but is soft and has high durability. Moreover, an index finger pad at the shell back will offer better protection. 

The backing has a conventional open design and a reinforced palm pad for reducing impact. Likewise, a padded thump loop and finger back liners are also present. 

6. Nokona Alpha S-200 11.25"

The S-200 has high durability due to its construction with AmericanKIP and SuperSoft leather. The mixture of these two leather offers a lightweight mitt with a softer feel while donning it. 

Nokona has built their glove with great quality leather.
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The glove does not require a manual break-in and is already Game ready. It has the I-web and features comfortable palm leather. Likewise, it has an open back and weighs about 460 g. 

The glove is handcrafted with Pride in the USA and the company will also offer a one-year warranty. It is priced at $380 on Amazon. 

7. Akadema Rookie Series 11"

Akadema Rookie Series 11" is made with steer hide for a better catching surface. This makes the glove quite durable.

The product is lightly weighted and uses AkademaLyte leather at the back as a building material. The model is easy to break into and will provide great comfort for its wearers. 

The glove contains an H Web with an open back with more protection and flexibility. Moreover, there is also a medium pocket for a secure catch. It is priced at $105 on their official website. 

8. Custom Youth Baseball Gloves

Custom Youth Baseball Gloves can be ordered at the manufacturer's website, including Rawlings and Mizuno. These gloves are expensive because of making final products according to your preferences. 

Custom mitts can be ordered at various online stores.
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You can get the gloves customized per your favorite MLB players like Mike Trout, Ronald Acuna jr, or Bryce Harper. Rawlings offers you to choose any features to add from their list. Some include a hand-sewn welting, a long lace option, a Contour fit, and MLB team logos. 

Similarly, Mizuno will offer your desired position and size alongside the pocket depth. You can select the liners, team logos, and even embroidery colors. They also have a list of pre-made product lines like the GMP2-600RCM and GMP2-700DCM.

9. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

Franklin Sports model offers mesmerizing features at an affordable rate of just $21.99. 

The glove has better adjustability, with a wrist strap and contour fit system that can be customized for smaller hands. It is easy to break in, due to its soft synthetic leather build. It is also lightweight in design.

Made from premium synthetic leather, this model is designed to imitate the true performance of its leather version with better durability. There is a hand-formed pocket that will offer better comfort while making catches. 

10. Rawlings R9 Baseball Youth Pro Taper

Rawlings R9 Baseball Youth Pro Taper is Game Ready with virtually no break-in required by the baseball player. It is priced at $124.95 on Amazon. 

This product has a ContoUR system built into it.
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The glove features a padded thumb loop which will help the user to make great coverage. The mitt is also built for smaller hands since the ContoUR fit is designed for greater control and feel.

With its soft leather shell, the Pro Taper is trusted by MLB players and will make you feel like a true professional. It has a conventional back, with a reinforced palm pad and padded finger back liners for extra protection and comfort.

11. Marucci Oxbow M-Type Series 11.75"

Marucci Oxbow Series 11.75" presents a leather palm lining with additional cushioning for protection. 

The pitcher glove is made of a full-grain cowhide leather shell and has a medium depth. There is also a smooth microfiber wrist liner with dense memory foam. Likewise, the model has quality rawhide laces that increase its durability. 

Furthermore, the model has a T-Web and a tapered hand stall that will offer a great fit for all players providing better fielding control. The series is available at $149.99 on their website.

Baseball Glove Size Chart Youth

Baseball glove size chart for youth contains 11.5" to 12" for the infield version. Various sizes apply to other positions. 

Outfield11.5" - 12.25"
Infield10.25" - 11.5"
1st Base11.5" - 12"
Playing PositionGlove Size

Rawlings has officially designated different glove sizes according to the ages and positions of the baseball players. For 7 to 12 years, the first base players can choose a mitt of 11.5" - 12" dimensions. 

Meanwhile, for the infield variant, the mitt size for youth is optimum to be between 10.25" - 11.5". The outfielders need a larger size due to catching needs and far-reach scoops, so they can have a mitt whose size is between 11.5" - 12.25".

If we dissect the age and give further, we can also offer a mitt of 10" to 10.5" for the 8-10 age group infielders. Likewise, an outfield player of this age group can also play with a 10.5" to 11" glove. Similarly, the 10-12 age group infielders require a 10.5" to 11" glove, while the outfielder can play with an 11" to 12"

For the 13-14 age group, the infielders can have a mitt size of 10.5" to 11.5", while the outfielders can play with an 11.5" to 12.5" one. Meanwhile, the first basemen could play with a 12" to 12.5" sized glove. All these sizes depend on the position's playstyle and the age group's physicality. 

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