Top Ten Energy Drinks For MLB And Baseball Players

By Ayush Khadka / 30 March 2023 08:20 AM

The best energy drinks for baseball community includes Gatorade, Red Bull and Rowdy Energy.
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Energy Drink popular among baseball players include Red Bull, Gatorade, and NERD Focus. All MLB teams frown upon energy drinks.

Many energy drinks exist today in sports, with athletes drinking them to boost their mental readiness before a game or feel less tired post-match. Moreover, the drinks are marketed as increasing physical prowess, but no scientific claim supports it. 

These drinks generally contain caffeine and sugar, which is the reason for the 'boost up' feeling in the body. Sugars can produce quick energy in the body. 

In baseball, many players started drinking Red Bull and Gatorade after a complete ban on amphetamines in 2005. With a heavy schedule from April to November, some baseballers like Tyler Clippard and Denard Spandrank drink them for a boost. However, others do not consume them due to fear of dehydration.

Is Energy Drink Banned In MLB?

Energy drinks are not banned in MLB since the Collective Bargaining Agreement does not have such a clause.

Energy drinks are not completely banned in the MLB.
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However, many MLB teams started to restrict them twelve years ago, in September 2011. Houston Astros, Brewers, and Diamondbacks all followed suit to prevent players from energy drink consumption. Astros began monitoring this issue in 2009 after a dehydration case of Wesley Wright.

Some teams prevented the drinks from coming to the clubhouse refrigerators, while others restricted the players from bringing their own inside the team quarters.

The MLB community had a mixed reaction to this news. Players like Joel Hanrahan, Jason Grilli, and J.J. Putz protested against the move, sharing the sentiment that it went against their labor practice.

Ross Atkins, the former Cleveland Guardians executive, stated that he needed incontrovertible proof that energy drinks really boosted the players' performance. 

Rowdy Energy

Rowdy Energy drink is the former official energy brand for the MLB team Texas Rangers

In April 2021, the drink founded by Jeff Church and NASCAR's Kyle Bursch in 2020 gained new heights in the MLB by creating collaborations with the Rangers. 

Rowdy Energy made partnership with Texas Rangers in 2021.
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The brand offers various flavors for its customers, like Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Mango. The Strawberry variant is Gluten-Free, Keto-friendly, contains B vitamins, and has no sugar. The drinks have nutrients like natural caffeine and green tea as well.

The company prides its drinks with marketing on its unrivaled levels of electrolyte blend of >900mg of magnesium and potassium to boost anyone's energy. A Rowdy energy drink is listed as $29.95 on their website and the Amazon store. 

A Shoc

Yankees MLB player Aaron Judge has endorsed the Shoc energy drink. It is an American brand founded in 2019 and headquartered in California.

This brand prides itself on manufacturing energy drinks with nutrients like coffee fruit extract, green coffee beans, and naturally sourced electrolytes from ocean minerals. Their drinks feature no sugar and zero artificial colors. 

A Shoc has endorsement from MLB superstar Aaron Judge.
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They have two primary formulas as of 2023. The mainline A Shoc contains 200 mg of plant-based caffeine and nine essential amino acids for greater mental readiness. The price of A Shoc drink falls at $31.99 on Amazon. 

Then, there is the Accelerator Active Energy drink which boasts peak performance for athletes. It is a blend of natural caffeine and plant-based thermogenic.


Rockstar Energy drink is an American brand founded in 2001 and owned by PepsiCo.

This drink marketed itself as having a bottle of 16 oz size rather than 8 oz like Red Bull but still offering the same price tag. 

Rockstar energy drinks are primarily divided into two types based on caffeine levels. On the one hand, there is the 10 mg variant, while the other consists of 15 mg per oz. It also contains guarana seeds, taurine, and B vitamins.  

Rockstar has 8 product types which has their own quantity of ingredients.
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There are eight product lines, including the Rockstar Original, Punched, Recovery, and Unplugged. The Original is priced at $20.49 on their official website.

Rockstar Punched and Pure Zero lines have various flavors like Strawberry Peach and Orange. Unique blends are also present for drink enthusiasts, like the Sugar-Free Variety pack and three flavor Packs which are the most expensive ones, priced at $22.49. 

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy Drink is an American brand founded in 2004 and manufactured by Living Essentials LLC. 

The drink contains the required nutrients for energy rejuvenation like taurine, malic acid, caffeine, B-vitamin ad Folic acid. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the drinks.  

The drinks are divided into two sections: the Regular Strength ones and the Extra Strength drinks. The Regular one features many flavors like Grape and Orange. The Extra Strength ones also contain multiple flavors and have an enhanced energy blend and caffeine. 

5 hour energy has smaller bottles for quick consumption.
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The Regular Strength drinks are $16.99, while the Extra variant costs $17.99. The company primarily sells the Extra Strength flavors for its canned drinks at 12 packs for $31.99. 

5 Hour energy drink is sugar-free, contains four calories, and the caffeine level is as of a cup of premium coffee. The company also markets its products as "Drink it in seconds, feel it in minutes, lasts for hours."


Reign energy drink is an American brand founded in 2019 and manufactured by Monster Beverage. It contains ten calories.

The company has produced three product lines: Storm, Core, and Inferno. The Reign Storm variant has four drinks, with flavors like Peach Nectarine and Harvest Grape.

It contains no sugar and is 200 mg of plant-based caffeine with a blend of Vitamin A and C. Reign Storm costs $23.99 on Amazon.

Reign manufactures a Storm variant that includes multiple flavors.
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The Core variant has 300 mg of caffeine combined with essential amino acids like BCAA and CoQ10. It also features two times the electrolytes as the leading competitor. This variant costs $25.49 on Amazon.

The Inferno product line features the most energetic rejuvenation with 300 mg of caffeine, L-Citrulline, and Panax Ginseng Extract. It has three flavors, i.e., the Red Dragon, Tru Blu, and Jalapeno Strawberry. in Amazon, a Reign Inferno costs $26.49.


Monster energy drink is an American brand founded in 2002 by the Hansen Natural Company. 

Even though this brand primarily focuses on Extreme sports like racing and contact sports, it is still a drink many people in the sports community favor. 

Monster is known for its iconic black and green design in its cans.
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The company will distribute nine product lines in 2023, including Monster Energy, ultra, Hydro, and Rehab Monster. 

Monster Energy is the original drink that features 160 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, variants like Rehab monster consists of multiple electrolytes, 150 mg of caffeine, and Mile Thistle extract. There are also flavors like Peach and Mango Loco. 

Monster's drinks will also have taurine, sorbic acid, and Panax ginseng root extract. An original black and green can cost $36.79, while variants like Monster Ultra cost $39.97.


Bang Energy drink is an American brand founded in 2012 and owned by Vital Pharmaceuticals. 

The company introduced its products by stating that its drinks contained low sugar. They have many product lines, from Mainline Bang, Bang Shots, and Bang Pre-Workout.

Bang drinks contain 300mg of caffeine.
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Bang drinks possess 300mg of caffeine, nine essential amino acids, and no sugar. The company also offers various flavors for its customers, ranging from Raspberry to Watermelon. The price range generally falls at $26.99 for the mainline energy variant. 

There is an alternative called Bang Energy Keto Coffee, a mixture of coffee and chocolate. It contains 20 grams of premium milk protein, 300 mg of caffeine, and one gram of sugar.

NERD Focus

NERD Focus energy drink is the official drink of the MLB team Texas Rangers in 2023. 

The Rangers and Nerd Focus finalized their partnership on 14 March 2023. For the 2023 season, the Rangers will distribute its drinks at the Global Life Field, and fans will see its logos at their home ballpark.

Founded in Texas in 2006, this drink seeks to differentiate itself as a 'Think Drink', solely formulated to increase concentration and clarity. 

NERD Focus made its deal with the Texas Rangers in 2023.
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There are two product lines as of 2023: the Nerd Original and the Nerd Zero Calorie. The Nerd Original contains a proper blend of Caffeine, Huperzine A, DMAE, and Vitamins that will help your mind and muscle recovery. 

Then, there is the Nerd Zero Calorie, which features no sugar and comprises more power nootropics and performance-enhancing nutrients. The price for both the Original and the Zero Calorie variants is $28.99. 

Red Bull

Red Bull Energy drink is popular in the MLB community with the brand featuring its separate blog page dedicated to baseball.

Red Bull is an Austrian brand founded in 1987 by the Red Bull GmbH organization. Many players like JoJo Romero have promoted it by chugging its non-sugar variant before pitching. Famous baseball player Kris Bryant also endorsed the brand in 2018. 

Red Bull is the only non-American firm in this list.
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Red Bull has many product lines at its disposal, like Original, Sugar-Free, and Zero. The original drink contains caffeine, B-group vitamins, sugar, and a Taurine mixture. The caffeine amount is generally 250 ml per can; however, it varies according to country.

The price of an original Red Bull Energy drink for 24 packs of 12 FL oz is $36.99 on Amazon. Meanwhile, Red Bull Zero for the same quantity costs ‎$64.56.


MLB players like Derek Jeter and Fernando Tatis Jr have endorsed the Gatorade energy drink.

Gatorade has been the host of many annual high school baseball awards. One such award is the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year, which Brock Porter won in 2022. 

Gatorade Energy drink is an American product owned by PepsiCo and introduced in September 1965.

Gatorade began its operations with its Thirst Quencher.
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The company began with a single product called Gatorade Thirst Quencher. In 2023, the brand has expanded to other product lines like Prime 01, Perform 02 and Recover 03. 

The Prime 01 drinks are marketed as a pre-game energy provider and are popular among athletes. Recover 03 is advertised as a post-game drink that provides hydration and muscle recovery.

The original thirst quencher provided 30 Kcal energy. However, newer series like the Perform 02 boasts 80 Kcal. Moreover, the sodium amount has also increased from 5 mg to 150 mg. 

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