Baltimore Orioles TV And Radio Announcers 2023

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Orioles telecast for MASN 2023 will have Kevin Brown as the main broadcaster with Scott Garceau and Geoff Arnold as the fill in.
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Baltimore Orioles TV announcers are Gary Thorne, Scott Garceau, Kevin Brown, and Jim Hunter. Kevin has been leading the broadcast team since the 2022 season.

The Orioles are the co-owners of the MASN network since 2007 with a 77% ownership of the total company share. The remaining 23% belongs to the Washington Nationals of the Major League.

Starting from 2007, they have been airing all their games exclusively on MASN with veteran Broadcaster Gary Thorne leading the TV broadcast team for 12 years until 2019.

During his tenure, he worked with Jim Hunter as his backup and former Hall of Fame players Jim Palmer and Mike Bordick as the color analysts. Gary was removed from the network due to health concerns from the coronavirus pandemic.

Scott Garceau replaced Thorne as the leading TV broadcaster on MASN in 2020. Two years later, Kevin Brown took over the position in the 2022 season.

Baltimore Orioles radio Announcers include Glenn Clark and Kevin Brown in the 2023 season.

2023 Orioles announcers

MASN orioles announcers are Kevin Brown and Scott Garceau. Other Orioles broadcasters include Geoff Arnold, Melanie Newman, and five others.

Scott was the leading announcer for two years since 2020 before Kevin got promoted. Brown has called upon 130 games in the 2022 season with Garceau as his fill-in. He will be continuing as the leading play-by-play announcer for the 2023 season as well.

Meanwhile, former pitcher Ben McDonald and three-time World Series champion Jim Palmer would be supporting him as the color commentator and studio analyst for the season.

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown joined the Orioles as a radio announcer in 2019. Brown was named to the MASN broadcast team in 2020 considering his long experience in the field.

MASN broadcasters Kevin ready to call upon the Orioles Radio Network
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He has been working as a play-by-play broadcaster for twelve years starting with the MSG Varsity games in 2011. Before coming to the MASN he had been working with ESPN for three years, calling upon the variety of games.

After working as the fill-in for Scott Garceau for two years, he was appointed as the leading announcer for the Orioles at the MASN from the 2022 season.

His excitement in calling the game as he savors the moments on the field as a fan himself makes the people more interested in the game. 

Scott Garceau

Scott Garceau is an announcer for the Baltimore Orioles since 2020. Garceau led the MASN broadcast team for two years after replacing Gary Thorne in 2020.

Garceau led the telecast team for MACN for two years before Kevin.
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Before being recruited by the Orioles, he worked as a play-by-play broadcaster alongside Tom Matte for the first 10 seasons of the Baltimore Ravens. Likewise, he was a sports anchor for the early 28 years of his life while serving as the director of WMAR-TV Channel 2.

Currently, Garceau is the main radio broadcaster at WBAL and WIYY while occasionally filling in for Kevin Brown at MASN TV. His calming voice and knowledge of the game rank him among the renowned broadcasters of Baltimore City.

Geoff Arnold

Geoff Arnold is a TV and radio broadcaster at Baltimore Orioles since February 2020. Arnold leads the play-by-play announcing of the team on WBAL radio.

Arnold is the main broadcaster for calling the Orioles games at WBAL radio.
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Geoff worked at George Washington University in the same position for more than four years. Similarly, he is also working with Freelance Television since August 2015, as per his LinkedIn.

The sportscaster has experience in play-by-play announcing for eleven years starting from his first gig at Frisco Roughriders in 2012. 

Before being recruited by the Orioles, he spent eight seasons calling baseball for Minor league teams. Additionally, he did broadcasting for college football, basketball, and other Olympic sports for various sports networks in Baltimore.

Melanie Newman

Orioles female announcer Melanie Newman is the first ever women broadcaster for the team. Melanie is among the five women play-play-play broadcasters on MLB.

She is one of the few woman hosts in Major League baseball. The sportscaster has been calling for the Orioles on TV and radio since 2020. She is also active in the Friday Night Baseball broadcasts on Apple TV+.

Melanie is the first ever play-by-play broadcaster for the Orioles.
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Apart from working as a broadcaster, she is also a sideline reporter for the ESPN network since 2019. Her first ever job in calling a game as a broadcaster was done in 2011, for Troy University. According to her LinkedIn, she has worked in the field of sports reporting for more than twelve years.

Currently, she is a reporter and fill-in announcer for the Baltimore Orioles on the MASN network and WBAL radio.


Orioles commentators are Ben McDonald, Jim Palmer, Dave Johnson, and Roch Kubatko. The analysts helping them are Dave Johnson, Brett Hollander, and Rob Long.

The is a former hall of fame pitcher Ben started working with the Orioles in 2017 along with Jim Plamer who has been with the team since 1984. Jim is a former world series champion and six-time All-Star MLB player that was inducted into the National baseball hall of Fame in 1990.

Here is the list of all the commentators at Baltimore Orioles in 2023.

Ben McDonald

Ben McDonald is a commentator for the Baltimore Orioles team on MASN TV and WBAL radio. McDonald was a professional baseball pitcher for 9 years from 1989-1997.

Ben and Geoff pictured from the broadcast room before the orioles game.
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The former player cut his baseball career short after an unsuccessful rotator cuff surgery in 1998. Being forced to retire, he opted for a coaching career at Denham Springs softball team in Louisiana. 

Later, he started working as a commentator for the Orioles telecast on MASN, he also works as a color analyst for the NCAA Baseball Tournament at ESPN.

Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer has been a commentator for the Orioles for more than 39 years since 1984. Palmer is a three-time world series champion and CY Young Awards winner.

Jim Palmer with Melanie and Kevin at the orioles game telecast for MASN.
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The hall-of-fame baseball star has remained with the franchise for almost four decades after his twenty years of career in MLB. Orioles had also retired his jersey number 22 after his retirement from professional baseball.

Palmer was a six-time American League All-Star pitcher who never allowed a grand slam to any of his opponents throughout his career. After his retirement, he worked as an MLB telecast broadcaster for various networks including ABC, ESPN, Home Team Sports, and ComCast SportsNet.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a former baseball pitcher who spent three years at the Baltimore Orioles in MLB. Dave joined the Orioles broadcast team in 2006.

Dave Johnson baseball card from his days as the MLB pitcher for the Orioles.
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The pitcher spent five seasons in MLB after his Major League debut through the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1987. His most notable performance was at the emergency start at the SkyDome on 30 September 1989. It was during the penultimate game of the season for the Orioles during the AL East Championship race.

Born on 24 October 1959, the 63 years old analyst is also the father of former Baltimore Pitcher Steve Johnson. 

Roch Kubatko

Roch Kubatko is a veteran newscaster for Orioles at the MASN network since 2008. Roch joined the team as a sideline reporter and soon became a commentator.

MASN commentators Roch Kubatko from Orioles on the right and  Dan Kolko from Washington Nationals on the left.
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Kubatko is an on-air talent at the MASN network along with his work as a correspondent for MLB. Before joining the Orioles broadcasting team, he was a sports reporter at the Baltimore Sun for 22 years from 1986-2008. 

MASN Announcers 2023

Orioles MASN announcers for 2023 are Kevin Brown, Scott Garceau, Geoff Arnold, and Melanie Newman. Melanie Newman is the first female broadcaster of the team.

After Kevin succeeded Scott as the leading announcer for the MASN TV network, the latter became a main play-by-play broadcaster for the Orioles radio telecast.

The list of MASN Announcers for the Orioles from the start is as follows.

  • Gary Thorne (2007-2019)
  • Jim Hunter (2004-2019)
  • Scott Garceau (2020-present)
  • Kevin Brown (2020-present)
  • Geoff Arnold (2020-present)
  • Melanie Newman (2022-present)

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