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Bag Policy At Fenway Park And Prohibited Items

By / 14 August 2023 02:25 AM

Fenway Park - Home of the Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball Team.
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Bag Policy At Fenway Park is that the guests are not permitted to bring a bag larger than 12"x12"x6". Clear backpacks and purses are also not allowed.

The oldest ballpark is located at 4 Jersey St, Boston, Massachusetts 02215, and serves as the home stadium for the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball.

It doesn't allow backpacks, but there are several exceptions for medical or diaper bags.

After arriving at the ballpark, visitors need to get through several metal detectors. If the fans are carrying a bag, the security staff hold the right to inspect the bag separately.

The prohibited items in the bags or the carry-on, which do not meet the conditions of the rule, can be stored in the lockers. The lockers for the storage service are located behind the Green Monster.

Bag Rules 2023

Fenway Park bag policy 2023 doesn't allow items like larger sacks, weapons, and alcoholic beverages inside the stadium.

In the case of oversized sacks, exceptions are there for medical reasons. But carrying glass containers, laser pointers, noisemakers, hard-sided coolers, tripods, and costumes is strictly prohibited.

An on-site luggage store option is available at Lansdowne Garage near Gate E for fans who carry large sacks or contain restricted items.

Visitors can store excess baggage and restricted packs in the Lansdowne Garage. However, the locker service is limited and provided on a first come first serve basis.

Fans enjoying the play between Yankees and Red Sox in the Fenway.
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If baggage storage is unavailable, people can check nearby bars, restaurants, or hotels that may offer storage facilities. It may be subject to a small fee based on the availability.

Furthermore, carrying outside food is not permitted in the ballpark. However, visitors can bring sealed water bottles of less than 16 ounces.

Can you bring a purse into Fenway Park?

Bringing a purse not exceeding dimensions of 12″ x 6″ x 12″ is allowed. It has implemented a clear bag policy for the safety of visitors.

As per the ballpark policy, visitors can carry sacks made up of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC. Additionally, Ziploc sacks and clear freezer sacks are allowed inside the venue.

Hand-sized small clutch sacks are allowed to carry along, complying with the clear sack options. These sacks may or may not have handles or straps.

Soft-sided carry-ons with 5×9″x2″ dimensions are permitted to carry inside the ballpark. Backpacks, tote sacks, oversized purses, duffel sacks, and similar carry-ons are not allowed.

A view of Fenway Park with several advertisements and Banners.
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The oversized sacks can be stored securely and conveniently in local Boston shops for as little as $1. Some of them offer security seals and insurance too.

The baggage drop-off at the Fenway Park luggage storage depot can be a considerable option. It allows the visitors to explore freely around the stadium.

The sack policies and securities concerns have become stricter than before. Now, the stadiums recommend using clear bags to enhance gate safety and faster security queue. 

Can you bring food into Fenway Park?

Fenway Park food rules don't allow visitors to bring their food. However, sealed bottles of water weighing 16 ounces or smaller are permitted.

The ballpark has set strict rules regarding the outside food. It only allows sealed water bottles and doesn't allow glass containers and cans.

However, there are different eateries on the premises where you can get the food. Just a block away from the ballpark lies Kenmore Square boasting several dining options after the game.

Kenmore Square boasts India Quality with an outstanding Indian restaurant known for its authentic cuisine and delicacies. It is also a good choice for post-game dining.

Another potential eatery would be Cask & Flagon, which stands out among the numerous sports bars and restaurants around the venue. Other prominent local bars, including Game On, The Lansdowne, and Tony C's, offer food and drink specials.

Visitors can also take some time to explore and find the shortest lines or best upgrades. On the contrary, the Fenway area has an excellent range of food options within walking distance.

 Soft Pretzels and the gameplay combination in the Red Sox Home Ground.
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The Bleacher bar is also worth mentioning, as it lies inside the Green Monster. Visitors need to have a prior reservation to enter the bar.

When it gets down to food inside Fenway, Jersey Street makes a great choice. It is the pedestrian street between Gates A and D and features various street vendors selling food and beverages.

Lansdowne Street, situated just behind the Green Monster, also presents reasonable food options.

Other Prohibited Things

Fenway has prohibited several items inside the stadium. Any restricted goods left at the screening area will be considered abandoned and scrapped. 

Visitors will not be allowed to retrieve the abandoned goods. Hiding any item from the list could lead to entry denial. 

The bags larger than the mentioned dimension (12"x12"x6") are not allowed inside the ballpark. Also, it is strict for firearms and restricts them, including licensed people and off-duty police officers. 

Other items such as knives, marijuana (including medical marijuana), tools, pepper spray, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, hard-sided coolers, noise-making devices, and laser pointers are prohibited inside the ballpark.

It also prohibits carrying costumes or costume masks, signs or banners that obstruct sight lines, offensive clothing items, and cover existing signage. 

A peek into the baseball home ground of the Red Sox MLB team in Boston.
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Other items that exhibit commercial or political messages containing obscene, create disturbances, or interfere with other people and their experiences are not permitted

Carrying umbrellas are allowed during official rain delays. It prohibits professional audio/visual equipment. 

However, consumer-rated cameras and video cameras are authorized as long as they don't reproduce the game or affect others.

What Can You Bring Into Fenway Park?

Fans can bring parking passes, weather and sun protection gear, and a clear stadium bag. Noise-canceling headphones are also allowed.

The carry-ons must adhere to the guidelines provided by the stadium. There are several items restricted to carry in the ballpark.

It has specific instructions to ensure safety and expedite entry to the venue. If you have carry-ons, it should be a single compartment and not exceed 12"x12"x6" in size.

All carry-ons that visitors bring to the park get inspected. It's necessary to check the list of prohibited items before embarking on the ballpark.

Green Monster Pole in the Fenway Park in Boston.
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Fans entering with non-compliant bags can hold them with a third-party locker company that may charge a certain fee. The locker truck is situated in the Lansdowne Garage across from Gate E.

As a responsible team and compliance agency, the Red Sox and MLB prioritize the safety of people. Therefore, all individuals on the way inside the stadium must be screened using detectors or occasionally a physical search by trained personnel.

People who cannot or choose not to pass through the metal detector should undergo a manual check with a handheld device. It involves a light physical inspection.

Not complying with the rules and regulations of the field will result in denial of entry.

Best place to sit at Fenway Park

The best place to sit at Fenway is at field box sections 21-76, which provides proximity to the play. The first baseline in sections 21-32 offers a great view of the Red Sox dugout and the iconic Green Monster.

The arrangements in 108-152 are just behind the field box sears, and sections 108-124 are preferred due to their proximity to the first base.

The Dell EMC Club sections 1-6 on the second level facilitate a bird's-eye view of the entire field along the access to the Dell EMC Club. It has an air-conditioned VIP clubhouse.

It is better to bypass Grandstand sections 11-12 and 26-29 to avoid obstructions. Also, the Loge Box seats in rows AA-CC have a walkway in front of these sections.

Seating arrangements with a few viewers in the Boston Fenway Park.
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Grandstand Section 32 is suitable for families as it offers a protected area from sun and rain. Grandstand sections 5-31 enable the coverage from the elements.

Dell EMC Club 1-6 and Pavilion Club seats offer access to private clubs and in-seat beverage service and are considered best for socializing. Dugout Seats D9-80 offer a proximate view and entrance to the Absolut Clubhouse.

Monster sections M1-10 and Right Field Box 87-93 are suitable if desire to catch homers or foul balls. Loge Box 150-163 and Right Field Box 93-97 along the foul lines are ideal for catching foul pops.

Green Monster sections 1-10 provide an exceptional view, albeit without sight of the Monster itself. Right Field Box 93 is positioned near the Pesky Pole and offers unique perspectives.

Various seating areas provide different views and experiences in the ballpark. Make sure to pick the appropriate seat to witness the best game performance. 

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