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Cool Backyard Baseball Team Names And Roster

By Mahesh Bajagain / 15 September 2023 10:09 AM

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Backyard baseball team names include Blue Bombers, White All-Stars, and Junior Fishes. The Backyard Sports Series has a lot of possible fictitious teams.

Backyard Baseball was a special video game series specially designed for youngsters. It was produced by Humongous Entertainment and released by Atari in 1997. They also produced versions for the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and iOS.

There have been 11 different games in the Backyard Sports series since 1997. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers, Backyard Baseball 2001-2010, and other titles are among them.

When Backyard Baseball first came out, you could choose from 30 nearby kids to play with. However, as the games advanced, they included well-known professional baseball players who were portrayed as youngsters with their distinctive numbers and appearances.

Chipper Jones, Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro Suzuki, and Barry Bonds were a few of these professional athletes. Fans could even unlock more professional athletes like Mike Piazza, and Derek Jeter as they played and advanced through the game. Gamers could assemble their baseball club featuring both neighborhood kids and actual professional baseball players.

Teams In Backyard Baseball

Teams In backyard baseball are often designed by gamers themselves. The players they want on the team are up to their decision as well. 

To put up an ideal lineup, a gamer can choose from a pool of local youngsters and baseball players who are portrayed as kids. When assembling a team in backyard baseball, players are chosen based on their skills, attributes, and how well they complement one another in various roles. 

A gamer can create a squad that matches his / her playing style and preferences. This team-building feature gives the game strategy and personalization.

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There are several fictitious or invented teams in the Backyard Sports Series. These groups don't actually play in Major League Baseball, unlike the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Dodgers. Instead, they are made just for the game and they frequently go by names that are creative and entertaining, such as the Mighty Melonheads or the Crazy Hornets.

Players can battle against various and distinctive opponents on these fictitious teams, each having their own strengths and playing styles. Kids and backyard baseball series lovers will find the game to be more pleasant and exciting as a result of the added excitement and variety. 

Therefore, a gamer can create their own teams in backyard baseball with a fictitious team name.

For instance, here are some of the names that could be used by a gamer to create their backyard baseball team:

  • Melonheads
  • Socks
  • Meatballs
  • Spider Webs
  • GameBrains Gangsters
  • Fishes and so on

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If you add the adjectives to these names, a backyard baseball team name will be ready. Here are some of the adjectives that could be used for backyard baseball teams:

  • Red
  • Junior
  • Atomic
  • Amazing
  • Crazy 
  • Wooly and so on

So, if we add a team name and adjective to it, a new baseball team will formed. For example, If we use the name Fishes and Atomic as an adjective to it, the baseball team name will be Atomic Fishes. Likewise, a gamer can create numerous fictional names using these names and adjectives.

Backyard Baseball Roster

Backyard baseball roster includes Pablo Roman Sanchez and Dante Robinson. Arther Chen and Samantha Pearre were later added to the team.

The roster is full of fictional kids' characters. Here is the list of some roster that was included in the first game in 1997 and they were regular in the lineup till 2006:

  • Stephanie Morgan
  • Kiesha Monet Phillips
  • Dante Robinson
  • Kenny Kawaguchi
  • Pablo Ramon Sanchez
  • Vicki Fumiko Kawaguchi
  • Mikey Rhett Thomas
  • Jocinda Smith
  • Billy Jean Blackwood 
  • Ronny Henry Dobbs
  • Amir Khan
  • Annie Frazier
  • Maria Luna
  • Lisa Crocket

Likewise, there are several other fictitious characters as well.

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Pablo from Backyard Baseball is frequently regarded as one of the most powerful and skilled athletes in gaming history. The children in the game are normally between the ages of seven and twelve. Dante Robinson is a little older than Ronny and a little younger than Luanne.

While Sally's age is claimed to be the oldest. However, other characters don't agree with it. The characters aged up and transitioned into middle schoolers in 2007. Backyard Baseball wheelchair Character is Kenny Kawaguchi. He is the cool kid on the roster.

Here are some other players added to the roster in later games:

  • Jimmy Knuckles
  • Joey MacAdoo
  • Arthur Chen
  • Ace Patterson
  • Samantha Pearce

Backyard Baseball 2003 edition was the fourth series of the Backyard Baseball game. It works with both Windows and Mac systems. With Mike Piazza as the player portrayed on the game's cover, you can play against actual professional athletes in this game.

Backyard Baseball 2003 characters include Ichiro Suzuki, Bobby Higginson, and Sammy Sosa. Here is the list of some other characters of Backyard Baseball 2003:

  • Greg Vaughn
  • Troy Glaus
  • Vladimir Guerrero
  • Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Jeff Conine
  • Phil Nevin
  • Jim Thome 

Backyard Baseball 2001 Scummvm was produced by Humongous Entertainment for Microsoft Windows in 2000. It can be played on modern platforms because this version is ScummVM friendly.

How To Play Backyard Baseball On PC?

Backyard Baseball on PC can be played by following the 8 steps given below:

  1. Power ISO and ScummVM are required as modern computers are based on 32-bit and 64-bit. It is because Backyard Baseball was developed for 16-bit computers.
  2. Extract the Backyard Baseball game file after downloading it. 
  3. Create a folder that will serve as your primary game folder inside the file.
  4. On Power ISO, extract and launch the game file. 
  5. You can't launch the game right away after using Power ISO to extract it. You need to use a virtual machine called ScummVM in order to run the game on your modern computer. ScummVM makes the game computer-compatible so you can play it without any lag.
  6. Open the virtual machine that is already set up on your PC which is ScummVM.
  7. When you click "Add Game," a file to open will be displayed. On your PC, look for the folder for the Backyard Baseball game.
  8. Once the folder has been chosen, click Open. You are now prepared to begin the game. You may now enjoy the game.

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Backyard Baseball Xbox One was released in 2010. Playing Backyard Baseball on the Xbox 360 is a great option if you're searching for a fun and engaging activity to do with friends and family. Backyard Baseball Gamecube is another platform to enjoy the baseball game and it was developed by Humongous Entertainment in 2003.

Backyard baseball unblocked games include games like Parking Lot Smashball, Super Slugger Baseball, and Home Run. It is a compilation of the most well-liked games for the best free time at the office, home, or school.

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