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Worst Umpires In MLB 2023 Based On Consistency And Accuracy

Worst Umpires In MLB 2023 include the names of C.B. Bucknor and Angel Hernandez. The list has been compiled as per the incompetent in consistency and accuracy. Years of experience don't guarantee being the best in your field, certainly not in the ca...

By Pramod Dhital / 12 September 2023 07:19 AM

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Dodgers Military Appreciation Night And More Events

Dodgers Military Appreciation Night is scheduled on 29th May 2023. The tickets are available for purchase at the Dodgers official site. On Monday, May 29 at 6:10 p.m. PT, the team will host a special Military Appreciation Night at the ballpark....

By Pramod Dhital / 11 September 2023 04:43 AM


Iowa High School Baseball Districts And State Tournament 2023

Iowa High School Baseball Districts 2023 Tournament quarterfinals started on 17th July 2023. The championship game will be concluded on 21st July. The tournament consists of four classes which include Class 1A, Class 2A, Class 3A, and Class 4A. Each...

By Pramod Dhital / 18 July 2023 03:48 AM

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MLB Mound Visit Rules 2023 Explained

MLB Mound Visit Rules 2023 is that the teams will get five mound visits throughout the game. MVR stands for Mound Visits Remaining in baseball. MVR conferences are held whenever there are some ups and downs in the gameplay of the defensive team. Thi...

By Pramod Dhital / 25 April 2023 08:17 AM


A Look At Five Slowest Pitch In MLB History Recorded

Slowest pitch in MLB history is recorded as 31 mph by Brock Holt. Brock set a new record for the slowest eephus pitch since 2008.  The pitch-tracking era began in 2008, and the former Texas Rangers outfielder still holds the reco...

By Pramod Dhital / 3 April 2023 08:05 AM

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Last 20 World Series Winners List By Team And Year In MLB

Last 20 World Series Winners in MLB include Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Houston Astros won the series last year in 2022. World Series is a postseason play-off series between champions of the two major professio...

By Pramod Dhital / 29 March 2023 04:47 AM