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Atlanta Braves Stadium Rules And Bag Policy At Truist Park

By Ayush Khadka / 25 May 2023 10:17 AM

The Truist Field hosts many rules and guidelines for the visitors.
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Atlanta Braves Stadium rules is that the guests can bring a bag smaller than 5” x 9”. Medical and diaper bags are allowed in the stadium.

Truist Park is the home field of the Atlanta Braves franchise, which plays in the NL East division. The stadium is located in Cumberland, Georgia, and has a seating capacity of 41,084 people. The construction began on 16 September 2014, after the decision to leave their former ballpark, Turner Field

The construction cost was $622 million, and the Project Manager hired was Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. Similarly, the project architect was Populous and Walter P. Moore and Associates acted as the structural engineer.

The park formally opened to the public on 31 March 2017. Cobb-Marietta Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Authority is the owner, while the Atlanta National League Baseball Club handles the operations.

Moreover, SunTrust Banks bought the naming rights in 2014. After the banks merged to form the Truist Financial Corporation in 2020, the stadium name got changed too.

Truist Park Bag Policy 2023

Atlanta Braves Stadium bag policy is guests can bring bags that fit the 5” x 9” dimensions or lower. 

The Braves have been in this ballpark since 2017.
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Truist Park clear bag policy is that only single-compartment carriers are allowed inside the venue. No guest can bring a backpack or other types of carriages and luggage too. Ice chests and hard-sided coolers are strictly prohibited. 

There are also exceptional cases for the visitors in place for their comfort and necessities. For instance, Diaper bags will be allowed inside the ballpark while carrying an infant with you. Similarly, the club will permit medical bags containing equipment like insulin, oxygen, or breast pumps. 

However, the guests are recommended not to exceed the transport size of their medical carriers. The stadium will only permit bags that are ADA-approved. Visitors can bring soft-sided coolers, but they should be without plastic lining and are only permissible for medical causes. 

Purse Policy

Truist Park purse policy allows small purses that do not exceed the 5” x 9” dimensions. 

Small Purses are allowed inside the venue.
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The purses must also contain a single pocket, so a guest who brings multiple pockets purses will have to forgo them before entering the venue. This small purse is essential for keeping your smartphone and keys, so they are permitted. 

What to do when you accidentally bring larger bags and do not get permitted? Truist Park understands this and has established a storage facility at the Power Alley. However, there is a service charge for keeping the bag at $11 and a $15 if you come to special events like concerts. 

Furthermore, the facility is designed on a first-come, first-served approach, so hurry up in case the locker storage gets packed beforehand. The facility will open two hours before the first pitching and will close an hour after the last pitch. 

However, if the guests arrive at the venue by car or truck, they have a free storage room for their oversized bags. Likewise, they can also contact third-party companies that deal in these bag store services like Bounce Luggage Storage. 

Security Guidelines In Atlanta Braves Ballpark

Atlanta Braves Stadium entry rules is that guests should go through the metal detectors before entering the venue. 

These detectors are present at the Gates, and visitors have to remove permitted metal objects like smartphones, coins, or sunglasses. The security officials have the right to inspect your goods like bags and coats before entering. 

The Truist officials can deny access to any items disrupting the enjoyment and comfort of the other guests. Likewise, they will also allow items after conducting a proper inspection and confirming it is non-malicious. 

The security team will be deployed during the game and even in the parking lots. The officials will also inspect the whole park before the guests arrive. The stadium also prevents visitors to park their vehicles within 100 feet of its exterior zone, so the security department will immediately remove any such vehicle if needed. 

Braves Ballpark Code Of Conduct

The Braves Park has maintained a code of conduct for their visitors so that they can assist in providing a great game experience.

Every fan is prohibited from engaging in any transgressions using profane language, obscene gestures, or even getting into a fight. Engaging in such activities will subsequently result in ejection from the match. It is the job of security to handle all the intoxicated guests. 

Fans wearing indecent clothes that disrupt another comfort zone will be taken out of the game. Similarly, the guests are also recommended not to stand too much during the game since it can disturb the visitor's line of sight. The guests should remain seated in their own ticketed area.

Guests are requested not to engage in illegal commercial activities like ticket resale or putting advertisements in parked cars. Furthermore, nobody is allowed to create professional photos and videos inside the venue without official approval. 

Food Policy

Truist park food policy allows guests to bring in outside food in a plastic bag. The bag should only be gallon-sized to be deemed entry. 

Taco Factory offers fabulous dishes in the ballpark.
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Moreover, fans can only bring a single bag that contains delicacies. Bringing meals in bulk quantities is forbidden inside the venue. However, the park officials will consider those visitors having nutritional concerns and other health issues. 

Outside Water is also permitted to be brought inside the venue. However, the visitors can only have them in a single factory-sealed plastic container. It is important to note that the meal bag is also liable for inspection upon entry. 

Smoking is only permitted in some designated areas, so fans are requested to go there if they desire to smoke e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Also, guests cannot bring any alcoholic beverages from outside. 

Delicacies Inside The Braves Ballpark

Delicacies found in Truist Park consist of menu items from Submarine Sandwich and the Triple Play. 

Waffle house is one restaurant which is present in the Park.
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The Submarine Sandwich provides a signature menu of long sandwiches that is three feet long and can serve 7-8 people. Their sandwiches are also filled with bacon, Red Dragon cheddar sauce, and avocado. 

The Triple Play offers their tasty delicacy of fried chicken and potatoes. Likewise, Sandlot Snacks provide a wide range of menus from animal crackers, hot dog, and soft serve ice-cream for children.

You can also eat sandwiches with tomato, butter lettuce, and garlic mayo at the Georgia BLT for the 2023 season. Moreover, Braves Big Bites is also present for some baseball food like Bases Loaded Nacho Helmet. 

Here is a list of dining options where you can eat a hearty meal and enjoy a drink while watching the game:

  • Georgia BLT - Section 141
  • The Submarine Sandwich - Section 112
  • Braves Big Bites - Section 113
  • Desert Dugout - Section 331, 320
  • Smokey Q - Sections 343, 113
  • The Triple Play - Sections 313, 314
  • Sandlot Snacks - Section 155
  • H&F Burger - Section 155
  • The ‘Douille Dog - Section 313
  • Taco Factory - Sections 313, 151
  • The Closer - Section 343
  • 1871 Grille - Section 343, 331, 239, 313, 113, 141, 215
  • Waffle House - Section 311
  • Field Of Greens - Section 148
  • Ballpark Classics - Sections 326, 312, 116, 135, 240, 146

Umbrella Policy

Truist Park umbrella policy is you can bring your umbrellas inside the venue. 

The park allows umbrellas inside for rainy days.
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The visitors need to store the umbrellas under their seats during the game. This item has a high chance of obstructing other spectators' view, so you should not open it without any need. 

Along with umbrellas, park officials have restrictions on other items like cameras. These devices must be hand-held and contain a lens not beyond 5". Camera accessories like monopods and bipods are prohibited from entry. 

Meanwhile, if you are seeking to bring a camera case, remember that it will follow the bag policy, following a thorough inspection will be performed by the security personnel.

Other Items Banned In the Atlanta Ballpark

Some other goods that guests can bring alongside them are weapons, noisemakers, and inflatables. 

Many items are banned for bringing them in the venue.
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Banners can be bought by the fans to show support for their team containing baseball messages. Any other messages, that are political, derogatory, or commercial will be taken down immediately. Moreover, these signs should not obstruct others or stadium advertising. 

Throwing objects in the baseball field is also not permitted, and venturing into the field, while the game is happening will be considered trespassing. 

Here is a list of some items that are prohibited in the ballpark:

  • Weapons like guns and knives
  • Inflatables like beach balls and balloons
  • Noisemakers like Horn and Whistle
  • Laser Pointers
  • Frisbees
  • Drone
  • Skateboard, rollerblades
  • Folding chairs
  • Glass bottles
  • Baseball Bat
  • Sunscreen Spray

Some FAQs

What Time Does Truist Park Open Today?

The chop house gate at Truist Park opens two hours before the game begins, while the other gates are finally opened one and half hours prior. 

Is Truist Park Covered?

The Truist Park does not have a fully retractable roof, however, there is a wide canopy at the upper deck where you can seek shade from the sun. 

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