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Atlanta Braves Magic Number 2023 And Playoffs Chances

By Biraj Khanal / 11 September 2023 07:14 AM

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Atlanta Braves Magic Number 2023 is to clinch the NL East title for the sixth time. Braves became the first team in 2023 to clinch a postseason berth.

A magic number in baseball represents the required number of wins a team needs or the combination of losses by its competitor to gain the title or to qualify for the next playoff berth.

It is counted by analyzing the one team with their wins, the opponent's losses, in number of games they played, and the games remaining.

The magic number keeps reducing by a number after its win in the season as it shows how much closer it is towards the final goal.

Atlanta Braves in the 2023 season currently stands in the top spot in the NL East Division as well as in the whole National League with 93 wins and 49 losses with a .655 winning percentage.

What Is The Braves Magic Number 2023?

Braves magic number today is 6 after their win against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday. They out-thrashed the Pirates by an 8-4 score.

Atlanta Braves became the first team in 2023 to enter the playoffs. They have a 14-game lead against the second-best team in the NL East i.e., Phillies. 

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They sit in top of the National League followed by the LA Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers. They also are on the top in the MLB standings with Baltimore Orioles following them in second position.

Their magic number can be found on the back of Harris II's jersey. The number also represents the combined wins of their elected starters this season totaling 23. 

At the start of August, the Braves were struggling to get a tuned-in starting rotation which made way for the two starters, Morton and Elder as they started hitting their rough patch at the same time.

With these two right-handed starters back to back in the starting rotation, they have a combined record of 23-14 with a 3.38 ERA this season as of 25th August 2023.

Starter, Charlie Morton has recorded a win-loss ratio of 13-10 this season whereas Bryce Elder stands at 10-4.

The Braves now have 20 games remaining in the regular season out of 162 regular games including the matches against LA Dodgers, Giants, Rockies, and Marlins.

In the last nine games, they have snatched the win 7 times except for the loss against the Giants and Mets. With their starters going in red-hot form, the Braves will look to reduce their magic numbers to edge closer to the playoffs with only 23 wins needed.

In this 2023 season, based on the win-loss record of both the top NL East division teams, the team has already qualified for the playoffs leading both the NL East division and the National League.

Calculate Atlanta Braves Magic Number To Clinch NL division

Atlanta Braves magic number to clinch division is 6. The magic number for home-field advantage throughout is 33 and 20 for playoffs.

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Therefore, the Braves magic number is calculated as follows:

•  The total number of games in a season is 162.

•  The Braves have played 142 games with 93 games won and 49 games lost, so they have 20 games remaining.

•  The Phillies have played 142 games with 78 games won and 64 games lost, so they also have 20 games remaining.

•  The Braves have a 14-game lead over the Phillies, meaning they have won 14 more games than the Phillies.

•  Therefore, the Braves' Magic Number = Total games in a season - Total wins by the Braves - Total losses by the Phillies + 1

 i.e., 162+1-93-64=6

Braves Magic Number By Year

Braves Magic Number By Year varies every year depending on the standings and the number of games remaining.

The magic number is calculated by the number of combined wins by the Braves and losses by the second-ranked team in the NL East.

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Here are some of the Braves magic numbers by year for the last five years based on the number of combined wins as per the mentioned dates during those seasons:

Years ( Last 5 Years)Braves Magic Numbers by Year

Braves Magic Number 2022

Braves magic number 2022 was 17 as of 12th September 2022. The Braves led the NL East with a win-loss record of 76-66 with the Mets, following in second position with 72-22.

The Braves had 20 games remaining, and they only had to clinch the division with at least one more win than the Mets with a 4-win gap. Therefore, the magic number was 20-4+1 = 17.

Braves Magic Number 2021

Braves magic number was 30 in 2021 as of 31st August 2021.

The Braves were leading the NL East division till the end of August with a 70-59 win-loss record, creating a 4-win gap over the Phillies who had a record of 66-64.

With only 33 games remaining, the Braves had to clinch the division with at least one more win than the Phillies.

Therefore, By calculation, Brave's magic number as of 31st August is 33-4+1 = 30.

Braves Magic Number 2020

Braves magic number 2020 was 27 as of 31st August 2020.

They were leading the NL East with a 20-14 record whereas second-place Miami had a 15-15 record. 

With 26 games remaining for Atlanta, they have to finish with two more wins at the top than the Miami Marlins to clinch the division and make the playoffs. Miami had four games in their hand compared to the Braves.

Therefore, the magic number calculated was 27.

Braves Magic Number 2019

Atlanta Braves magic number in 2019 was 13 as of 31st August. The Braves were leading the National League East Division with a win-loss record of 84-54 whereas the Nationals were on a 77-59 record.

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