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Astros Star Wars Night 2023 And More Events

By Aditya Bhattarai / 23 May 2023 04:55 AM

Astros Mascot Orbit dressed as Yoda on the 2022 Star wars event at Minute Maid Park.
Source : facebook

Astros Star Wars Night 2023 is scheduled on 13th June 2023. Astros also allows other promotional events such as Dollar Dog Night and Friday Night Fireworks.

Star Wars Night, Stranger Things Night, and Movie Day are the upcoming special events for June, July, and August. They are monthly events promoted by various companies, utilizing the most hyped occasion of that month.

Likewise, Dollar Dog Night is a monthly recurring event presented by Texas Chili Company. They provide hot dogs for just $1 throughout the night in this event.

The Astros entertains its audience with various promotional marketing events at their home, Minute Maid Park. Other recurring events occur twice a month, such as Family Sunday 4-Pack and CocaCola Ballpark Bundle. They help in promoting more food and beverage sales.

Astros Star Wars Night 2023

Star Wars Night 2023 is planned for 13 June 2023. The event will allow guests to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters and bring toys inside the park.

They can click fun pictures at the event to capture memorable moments with the family. There are various moments for the franchise lovers to show their passion and awaken their Force as a Jedi.

The Astros would be playing against the Washington Nationals when this event takes place at Minute Maid Park. The MLB team duly prompts their users to dress up as any character from the franchise being eligible to purchase the add-on Jedi bobblehead.

Astros had special edition Yuli-Wan Kenobi Bobbleheads during the last years Star wars night.
Source : twitter

Attendees are presented with the opportunity to acquire the Jedi Triple Bobblehead at $40 while getting the ticket. They would have to purchase the Add-on package at $40 during the ticket purchase and bring the voucher with them.

Houston Astros also mentions that the physical vouchers are the only valid proof for obtaining the package. Email confirmations would not be accepted in case of losing the voucher.

After acquiring the add-on package from the counter, it cannot be returned or exchanged due to their policies and limited availability. The Astros wouldn't provide a refund for any scenario after the purchase.

This is also an annual event presented by Topps, a game card manufacturer known to lead the baseball collectible cards market.

Star Wars Night 2022

Astros Star Wars Night 2022 was on 19th May 2022. It was conducted by Topps, with fans able to purchase limited edition Yuli-Wan Kenobi and Mandalorian Alvarez bobbleheads.

On that fateful night of 19th May 2022, the Houston Astros played against the Texas Rangers, and the game began at 7 pm.

Princess Leila cosplayer and Astros mascot Orbit pictured together during the 2017 Star Wars Night.
Source : facebook

Being conducted in May, Star Wars Night had a unique line that became trending on social media. People would use hashtags mentioning "May The 4th Be With You." It is the original line conducted from the movie series, "May The Force Be With You."

For Jedi fans, Star Wars Night is the reason for getting dressed up as their favorite character throughout the franchise. They anxiously wait for this annual event to show their cosplays and collections with other fans like them.

Guests make memories with pictures at Astros game by getting cosplayed as their favorite Star Wars characters.
Source : twitter

Likewise, the Houtson-based MLB team event from 2022 also had a Giveaway where ten thousand lucky audiences had the winning opportunity to a featured Chewbacca Can Cooler.

Moreover, the limited edition bobblehead of Yuli-Wan Kenobi was priced at $30 just for the event, while the Mandalorian Alvarez was $20.

Despite being unavailable to purchase on the market, people still can find them on eBay. The limited edition goodies from many such events are always in demand among fans that like to keep all the collectibles. They even pay multiple times the original value to get their hand on one of these goods on eBay.

Some of the other Astros night events that are more popular among the audiences are as follows.

  • Dollar Dog Night
  • Friday Night Fireworks
  • Pride Night
  • Stanger Things Night
  • Hello Kitty Night and others.

Astros Dollar Dog Night

Dollar Hot Dog Night Astros occurs every Tuesday at Minute Maid Park when there is a game. Texas Chili Company offers $1 hot dogs throughout the season.

It is also one of the fan-favorite night events since they look forward to enjoying the tasty hotdogs at just $1. There would be no restrictions on the purchase of the hot dogs as it is all-you-can-eat offered during this event.

Beautiful fireworks occurs every friday at Astros home stadium Minute Maid Park after the evening game.
Source : facebook

The event usually occurs once or twice a month, depending on the Astros game, happening at the stadium on Tuesday night. At the earliest, a Dollar Dog Night would occur on 30 May 2023, when Astros would be playing against the Mets.

Following the Dollar Dog night, two more lovely evenings for hot dog lovers will be on 13 and 20 June 2023. Additionally, 13 June is the night for Star Wars enthusiasts, so the guests would enjoy the best of both events.

On top of these two events aligning with each other, the CocaCola Ballpark Bundle offer would also be eligible for the games from 13 to 15 June. The vouchers for the ballpark bundle should be purchased before the game and can be redeemed at the given store locations at the arena.

Friday Night Fireworks

Astros Friday Night Fireworks occur every Friday at each home game in Minute Maid Park. The guests would have to pay for the after-show event in advance.

Every event has a unique theme planned according to the occasion based on the event calendar. They are presented by ConocoPhillips. The theme for the upcoming event on the 2nd June game is Girl Power.

Nolan Ryan Beef promoting their hot dogs for the Astros $1 Hot Dog Night
Source : facebook

Similarly, the Houston-based MLB team has specifically mentioned the rules, regarding the Big and Bright Friday Nights on their event page. All the fireworks activities are subject to game schedule changes due to weather conditions.

When the game is rescheduled or canceled, the customer won't receive the refunds for the Friday Night fireworks event. 

Upcoming Astros Night Schedule

Houston Astros Night schedule includes Stranger Things Night and Hello Kitty Night for July 2023. Astros conducts specific special events at least once a month.

Astros' promotion schedule for 2023 has plans for specific events based on the special day and occasions on that date. Numerous events throughout the season are focused on movies, festivals, and days celebrated by the nation.

They are categorized as night and day events depending on the game time for that specific date. The details regarding these upcoming special events are as follows.

Stranger Things Night

Astros Stranger Things Night is scheduled at Minute Maid Park on 6th July 2023. It will feature unique segments regarding the show throughout the game.

Stranger Things themed event featuring the Upside Down for the Astros game on from 22 June 2022.
Source : facebook

The Houston Astros would be playing against the Seattle Mariners for this event. They have planned for various things as per the theme for that night. 

For special merchandise, the team will provide Stranger Things event T-shirts featuring Upside Down With the Houston Astros theme. It would be available for $25 and should be bought while purchasing the ticket.

These specific add-on packages would only be available at the game on the 6th July and should be purchased before the game. The vouchers for purchase would be used to get your hand on the merch.

Hello Kitty Night

Astros Hello Kitty Night is scheduled to occur on 25th July 2023. It is an event targeted toward young girls and Hello Kitty lovers. 

Guests taking pictures at the Hello kitty Frame at the Astros game on Minute maid stadium during Hello Kitty Night.
Source : mlb

The team will play against Texas Rangers at their home ballpark for this special night. Featured limited edition bobbleheads will be announced at a later date on the official Astros Hello Kitty event page.

Details regarding the add-on package will be updated when tickets for the second half of the 2023 season would go on sale. 

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