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Angel Stadium Bag Policy And Rules 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 29 April 2023 01:28 AM

The Anaheim ballpark was built in 1966 and renovated in 1998.
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Angel Stadium Bag Policy 2023 is that people can bring clear plastic no larger than 12" x 6" x 12". Clutch bags no larger than 4.5" x 6.5" are allowed.

The Los Angeles Angels play their home matches in the Angel Stadium, which is located in Anaheim, California. The stadium began construction in August 1964 and formally opened on 1 April 1966. 

With a construction cost of $24 million ($155 million in 2021 terms), architect Noble W. Herzberg and Associates and HOK Sport took the duty while Del E. Webb Company made general contracting. 

The ballpark saw renovations from 1997 to 1999 under the leadership of the Walt Disney Imagineering organization. 

With a seating capacity of 45,515 since 2019, the park is officially owned by Anaheim City. However, Disney controlled the ballpark and established an official deal to keep the Angels in Anaheim until 2031.

Angel Stadium Bag Rules

Angel Stadium bag policy monster jam policy tells that only 12" x 12" dimensions will be allowed entry. The opaque bags must contain only a single zipper flap. 

The ballpark has many entrance rules regarding bags and food.
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If you seek to bring clear bags, you must ensure they are not more than 12.75" x 6.5" x 12.75" dimensions and have no hidden pockets. The clear bags should be made of plastic or vinyl to be deemed enterable. 

Angel Stadium's diaper bag policy states that you can bring them any size if you have an infant. Other carriers are also exceptions like the insulin and oxygen medical bags will be allowed. Moreover, you can bring your clutch carriers, but they should fit the 4.5" x 6.5" criteria. 

Moreover, you can also bring a purse to the venue, but it should fit 12" x 12" and should not have more than one zipper. Backpacks, wrapped packages, and hard-sided coolers are banned from the venue. Likewise, the visitors are free to carry their wallets inside. 

Anaheim Ballpark Consists Of Many Security Procedures 

Angel Ballpark has a strict security procedure for its visitors to maintain their code of conduct.

Cameras over lens of 6 inches are forbidden.
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Before a guest is allowed, there will be a metal detector that you have to go through for checking procedures. Objects with metals like coins, jewelry, and smartphones are valid, but you must leave your big cameras or any other metal objects behind. 

The security officials will check your bag sizes, and if it doesn't fit the park standards, you will have to leave them outside. Putting them in your car is a good idea. If you do not have a personal vehicle, you can contact firms like Luggage Hero, which works to preserve your bags till your time there. 

It is important to note that the Los Angeles Angels officially provide no carrier facilities for your big bags. You are responsible for the carrier that you bought.

Moreover, the parking lot will only open 2.5 hours before the game, so we advise you to take your time. Likewise,  Tailgating is only available in the Big A Lot, so do not conduct this course in other areas. 

Angel Ballpark Camera Policy

Angel Stadium Camera Policy states that these electronic devices are only allowed inside the venue if they have less than a 6 inches lens.


Personal Cameras with more than the designated lens size will be restricted, and if found inside, the security officials have the right to confiscate them. You should also not attach Monopods and tripods to your device. However, selfie sticks are accepted unless they disturb other guests.

Similarly, professional cameras that are designed for professional shooting are banned. The venue also does not tolerate devices primarily aiming to film audio and videos. You can bring a Halo Stick, but only if they are the Angels-issued ones. 

Laptops and iPads can be allowed inside the park if they do not disturb the visitors. Radios are permitted if they are small enough to fit under the seats. The park officials will not tolerate you disturbing the nearby guests with your electronic devices. 

Angel Stadium Food Rules

Can you bring food into Angel Stadium? The short answer is Yes. You can bring outside food to the ballpark in small quantities.

Many clubs offer exquisite meal offers to their members.
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The food should be brought in a clear plastic carrier and should not exceed more than one-gallon size. This rule applies to all the affairs in the venue, like regular games, concerts, tours, and corporate events. 

Moreover, there are some special VIP clubs like the Diamond Club, and Don Julio Club that you can join that will offer you a variety of menus. Don Julio Club allows you to sit at the Terrace level and has a great lounge providing fine meals. 

Meal Choices Inside The Angel Ballpark

Visitors can get food inside the Angel Stadium from restaurants like Oggi's Pizza and Sweet Shoppe.

Corner Market is present in sections 418 and 424.
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Oggi's Pizza provides great pizza for Italian meal lovers. This chain is available in Sections 417, 334, 317, and 239. Similarly, Chronic Tacos offers tasty tacos in the base court, while Big A Burger in Section 107 offers its signature appetizing burgers. 

Jersey Mike's is present in Anaheim Park, offering great cheesesteaks, ham sandwiches, cold subs, and chips as snacks.

Sweet Shoppe is a dessert-themed restaurant with a menu of Cotton Candy and Kettle Corn that will be a sure favorite for your kids.

  • Big A Burger - Sections 428, 226, 107
  • Oggi's Pizza - Sections 317, 239, 334, 417
  • Jersey Mike's - Section 255
  • Sweet Shoppe - Sections 429, 109, 412, 124, 238
  • Strike Zone Chicken - Sections 223, 103, 425, 412
  • Wetzel's Pretzels - Section 127
  • Yogurtland - Section 232
  • Chronic Tacos - Sections 420, 211
  • Johnnie Walker - Section 112
  • Crafty Mac - Section 114, 237
  • Budweiser Patio - Present in Right Field Pavilion
  • Hoffy - Section 416
  • Corner Markets - Sections 424, 418, 305, 342, 126, 222, 412, 259, 237, 112, 123
  • Casa Modelo - Section 260

Meal Destinations Near Anaheim Ballpark

The food destinations outside the Anaheim ballpark include various sports bars and hotels. 

Lazy Dog is located near the Angel park.
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Karl Strauss Brewing Company is a bar present just 0.3 miles away from the park. It offers various menu items like Double Truffle Fries, Beer pretzels, and Wings. Ribeye Steak and Beer Sausages are classics. 

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is present 1 mile away from the venue that provides TV dinners. They also offer exquisite meals like Grilled Lemon Chicken, BBQ Bison Meatloaf, and BBQ Veggie Burgers. They also have beers, wine, and lunch for kids.

Likewise, if you are seeking to rest your body and mind after a three-hour game and are in no hurry, there are abundant good hotels to choose from. Ayres Hotel Anaheim is 6 miles away, while Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort is at a 1.4-mile distance.

The list of Restaurants nearby Angel Stadium is presented below:

  • Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
  • Karl Strauss Brewing Company
  • Catch 
  • Golden Road Anaheim
  • The Pizza Press
  • Panda Express
  • JT Schmid's Restaurant & Brewery

The list of Hotels nearby Angel Stadium is presented below:

  • Ayres Hotel
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort
  • Candlewood Suites
  • SunCoast Park Hotel 
  • Castle Inn & Suites
  • Sonesta Anaheim Resort Area
  • Comfort Inn Anaheim Resort

Angel Stadium Water Bottle Policy

Angel Stadium water bottle guideline states that visitors can bring it bottled in clear plastic. The bottled water should be more than one liter.

Types of Water bottle permitted inside the venue have restrictions.
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The bottle should also be factory sealed, and no frozen variants will be allowed inside the Park. However, you can bring them during hot seasons after consulting with the park officials. 

Likewise, you can also bring sports drinks and drink boxes, but a factory seal is essential. Guests are also permitted to carry Empty reusable bottles. However, outside, alcohol, glass bottles, and cans are illegal. 

Many other items are not permitted entry into the Park. These forbidden items are listed below: 

  • Banners exceeding 3' x 12'
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemakers like whistles
  • Musical goods like guitar
  • Weapons
  • Baseball bats
  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Animals, except for disabled people
  • Beach balls
  • Fireworks

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