Where Is Angel Hernandez Umpire Today? Update 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 9 July 2023 02:27 PM

Angel officiated the 2023 WBC match in Pool D.
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Angel Hernandez today is absent in most of the 2023 games due to a back injury. He has not retired and is still an MLB Umpire.

Angel is an MLB Umpire embedded with the elite baseball league since May 1991. The Cuban native has umpired in competitions like the World Series, All-Star games, and league Championship Series. 

Hernandez got selected to be an umpire in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, which also happens to be his recent major tournament appearance. He umpired one match where he made a questionable strike zone call and missed important ones. 

Due to his questionable calls and incidents, many fans have called Hernandez one of the worst MLB umpires. Fox Sports also reported that an ESPN survey showed that 22% of players called him the worst umpire.

The 61-year-old umpire has not been active in the World Series since 2005. He got an opportunity in 2018, but MLB's CEO Joe Torre decided not to due to his ineffective performances.

Is Angel Hernandez Still Umpiring?

Angel Hernandez has not umpired an MLB game since April 3, 2023. He is still on the list of MLB Umpires.

Hernandez has not been active since April inside the field due to dealing with a back injury. He is expected to return at the later end of the season following his doctor’s decision regarding his injury. 

Hernandez is officially in the MLB umpire roster for the 2023 season.
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He is one of the talk of the town among the baseball fans when it comes to umpiring and they also have started to notice the absence of their heroic umpire in the MLB games.

He umpired in the last game between the Giants and the White Sox where he was stationed at first base.

The MLB Umpires Association has not confirmed his suspension or retirement decisions regarding Hernandez.

If the recovery went well as per the plan, fans can get a chance to see him on the field on the final weekend games in the 2023 MLB season.

Is Angel Hernandez Retired?

Angel Hernandez umpire has not retired as of July 7, 2023. He might be returning after his back injury recovery following doctors’ suggestion.

As per ESPN, it was reported that 10 MLB Umpires were retiring due to injuries and coincidental causes.

Angel is not retired and seeks to still make impact.
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Crew Chiefs like Greg Gibson, Ted Barrett, Sam Holbrook, Jim Reynolds, Bill Welke, Jerry Meals, and Tom Hallion were among the retiring members.

Even though Hernandez is 61, he is not retired to date and is still loved by baseball fans in the United States. 

He will be returning at the end games of the season with new energy but fans might expect him to retire in one or two years due to injury-prone sufferings.

Angel Hernandez Umpire Schedule

Angel Hernandez was among the World Series Umpires held in March during World Baseball Classic.

Before the MLB begins, He umpired Crew “N” led by crew chief James Hoye. His umpiring was last seen in an MLB game between San Fransisco Giants and the Chicago White Sox.

He has been absent in MLB since April 3 in the 2023 season.

Some Best MLB Umpires In 2023

Some best MLB umpires in 2023 include the likes of Gabe Morales and Ryan Blakney, based on their accuracy and consistency in recent seasons. 

Tripp Gibson

Trip Gibson is considered one of the best MLB umpires based on the consistency and accuracy of his calls. He started his career in 2013 and established a 96.9% consistency and 95.32 % accuracy. 

Trip Gibson had a great consistency in the 2021season.
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Jeremie Rehak

Jeremie Rehak started his professional career in April 2018 and developed a 96.9% consistency and 95.32% accuracy. 

Edwin Moscoso

Edwin Moscoso began his MLB career in 2020 and developed a 96.5% consistency and 94.64% accuracy. 

Alan Porter

Alan Porter started his professional MLB career in 2010 and has established a 96.5% consistency and 94.75% accuracy. 

Pat Hoberg

Pat Hobergand began his MLB umpiring duties in March 2014 and developed a 97.6% consistency and 94.44% accuracy. 

Hoberg had undergone a great 97.6% consistency in 2021.
Source : reddit

James Hoye

James Hoye started his MLB umpiring career in June 2003, creating a 93.4% consistency and 93.5% accuracy. 

Gabe Morales

Gabe Morales began his MLB career in April 2014 and has established a 93.1% consistency and 93.5% accuracy. 

Ryan Additon

Ryan Additon debuted his MLB in 2022 and developed a 92.7% consistency and 93.3% accuracy rating. 

Nic Lentz

Nic Lentz started his professional MLB career in April 2016 and made a 93.8% consistency and 94.5% accuracy record. 

Ryan Blakney

Ryan Blakney made his professional MLB career debut in April 2015 and has established a 94.1% consistency and an accuracy of 93.6%. 

Worst MLB Umpires

Some worst MLB umpires in 2023 include the likes of Ed Hickox, Doug Eddings, and CB Bucknor, based on their accuracy and consistency. Unfortunately, Hernandez is also on this list based on his poor statistical records. 

CB Bucknor

CB Bucknor started his professional MLB debut in 1996 and is known to have a bigger strike zone and had the lowest consistency and accuracy rating in the 2022 season. 

Buckner has been in the MLB since 1996.
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Doug Eddings

Doug Eddings is another Umpire known to have a massive strike zone and a lower home plate accuracy than Hernandez in the 2021 season. 

Angel Hernandez

Hernandez's umpire stats features his low 92.3% accuracy in the 2022 season. Per Umpire Scorecards, he showcased a lower rating in 2021, with 92.7%. 

Joe West

Joe West made his MLB debut in September 1976 and developed a 94.7% consistency and 91.3% accuracy in the 2021 season.

Rob Drake

Rob Drake began his MLB career in September 1999, and in the 2021 season, he developed a 95.3% consistency and 90.92% accuracy.

Drake made his debut for the MLB in 1999.
Source : twitter

Kerwin Danley

Kerwin Danley started his MLB career with his debut in 1992. He established a 92.8% consistency and 91.28% accuracy in the 2021 season.

Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson started his MLB career with his debut in 2006. He had a 94.5% consistency and 91.03% accuracy in the 2021 season.

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