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Albert Pujols Salary By Year And Contract History

By Aditya Bhattarai / 29 May 2023 02:44 AM

The greatest hitter of MLB shares a throwback picture captioned Happy Opening Day on Instagram.
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Albert Pujols salary by year is $570,500 in 2021 and $2,600,000 in 2022 as a UFA signing. Albert Pujols has a net worth of $170 Million in 2023.

Pujols is a former professional first baseman and hitter who is currently a special assistant manager for the Los Angeles Angels. He is fulfilling the 10 years of personal services commitment with the team from his signing in 2012.

After guiding the young generations of LA Angels during spring training, the hitter is planning to lead the prospects in the Dominican Republic for the team.   

Starting with his debut with the Cardinals on 2 April 2001, he spent two decades with the Cardinals and the Angels. The National League batting champion has numerous accolades under his belt, including three MVP titles and two Home Run Leader awards.

Before announcing his retirement on 4 October 2022, he became the fourth player to record 700 home runs in his entire career.

The former World Champion is also involved in a restaurant business with the family while running a charitable foundation to promote awareness for Down syndrome and support families that need help.

Albert Pujols Salary History

Albert Pujols salary per year was $2.6 million in 2022 and $30 million in 2021 and so on. Pujols earned $341,810,741 in career earnings throughout his career.

Before signing with the Dodgers in 2021, he had the biggest deal of his career worth, $254 million with the Los Angeles Angels for 10 years. He received a $30 million payout in his final year with the team.

Pujols's annual salary throughout his career is listed in the table below. His earnings while playing with the Cardinals, Angels, and Dodgers are based on records by Spotrac.

2021 (Los Angeles Angels)$30 Million
2012-2020 (Los Angeles Angels)$240 Million ($24 Million yearly)
2022 (St. Louis Cardinals)$2.6 Million
2003 (St. Louis Cardinals)$900,000
Year (Playing Team)Salary Per Year in Average
2021 (Los Angeles Dodgers)$570,500
1999 (St. Louis Cardinals)$60,000 (Signing Bonus)
2002 (St. Louis Cardinals)$600,000
2004-2011 (St Louis Cardinals)$100 Million ($14,285,714 yearly)
2001 (St. Louis Cardinals)$200,000

St Louis Cardinals (2001-2011 and 2022)

Pujols started his Major League career in 2001 after being drafted by St. Louis Cardinals in the 1999 MLB draft. His first salary with the team was $200,000 in 2001.

In the following years, he continued to show his talents as a greatest hitter and made his mark as the top three first baseman on the field. With his fame, he increased his earnings to $600,000 in 2002 and $900,000 in 2003.

Hitter Albert ready to strike the ball for a homer during the All-Star game.
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After the hitter signed a 7 years deal worth $100 million with the Cardinals in 2004, he received an average earning worth $14.285 million per year until 2011.

During his final year before retiring, he signed another 1-year deal worth $2.6 million with the Cardinals, playing his last game with the one that drafted him.

Los Angeles Angels (2012-2021)

Pujols signed a $254 million deal with the Angels spanning over 10 years after his tenure with the Cardinals. He received an average salary of $24 million per year.

During his early tenure with the team, Pugols became a free agent for the first time in his career. He also held the title of World Series Champion after the Cardinals won the cup in 2011.

Before coming to the Angels, Pujols was more known for his batting skills and had also received the nickname "The Hitting Machine."

The Hitting Machine of the Cardinals got his nickname for the base percentage and Homers.
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His salary for the final year with the Angels in 2021 was worth $30 million, as per the records by Spotrac. He cleared all his waivers and became a free agent again on 13 May 2021.

Los Angeles Dodgers (2021)

Albert Pujols salary Dodgers paid is $570,500 in 2021. On 17 May 2021, the team signed him as a free agent.

The hitter had signed a one-year deal with the team and played 85 games throughout the season. He also played in the Dominican Professional League as a free agent for Leones del Escogido during the off-season.

Pujols held the record for having the fifth-highest salary in MLB, with the maximum earning of $30 million in the same year. After completing his tenure with the Dodgers, he returned to his first team, the Cardinals in 2022. 

What Is Albert Pujols Net Worth?

Albert Pujols net worth in 2023 is $170 million as the fifth richest baseball player in the world. Wealthy Gorilla lists Pujols in their 2023 richest 20 list.

The former baseball first baseman is mostly renowned as one of the greatest designated hitters in the MLB. Having the most consistent records as a player, he became the fifth player to have the highest salary in the league in 2021.

Pujols's career earnings amounts to a total of $341,810,741 before he decided to retire from professional baseball in 2023. The most he earned throughout his 22 years long career, was obtained while playing with the Los Angeles Angels from 2011 to 2021.

Former Dominican baseball star has a humble nature as the fifth richest MLB player of all time. He does charitable works in his foundation and owns a family restaurant as well.
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Apart from baseball, he also owns a restaurant business in Missouri along with his family named Pujols 5 Westport Grill. It was later renamed St. Louis Sports Hall Of Fame Grill after he joined the Angels. He contributes the earning from the restaurant to his family as they help in managing it for him.

Likewise, he has played at the Dominican Professional Baseball League more than once throughout his tenure. He is also looking forward to supporting his fellow players from the Dominican Republic as a Cardinals representative to scout the young talents after his retirement.

Contract History

How much is Albert Pujols contract in 2022? Albert Pujols contract in 2022 is worth $2.6 million from the St. Louis Cardinals. He had signed a deal for 1 year.

The former designated hitter has continued to work at the Cardinals office as a special assistant manager for the team after his retirement from professional baseball. Before joining the Cardinals, he was signed as an Unrestricted Free Agent by the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 2021 season.

The following table highlights the contracts signed by Albert throughout his career.

St. Louis Cardinals 2002 - 1 Year$600,000
Contract History And TenureSalary
St Louis Cardinals 2001 - 1 Year$260,000 ($60,000 Signing Bonus)
Los Angeles Dodgers 2021 - 1 Year$570,500
Los Angeles Angels 2012 - 10 Years till 2021$254 Million
St. Louis Cardinals 2004 - 7 years until 2011$100 Million
St Louis Cardinals 2022 - 1 year ( final)$2.6 Million
St. Louis Cardinals 2003 - 1 Year$900,000

Albert Pujols Dodgers Contract

Albert Pujols signing amount for the Dodgers contract was included in the total $420,000 for the 2021 season. The hitter was signed after 17 May 2021.

Pujols announced in 2022 that it was his last season in MLB and that he planned to retire.
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Before joining the Dodgers, Albert cleared out all the remaining waivers with his previous team, the LA Angels. He signed with the LA Dodgers as an Unrestricted Free Agent for the remainder of the season after he was waived by the Angels.

Throughout his 22 years of career, he has played the least amount of time at the Dodgers but scored 12 homers in 85 games.

Albert Pujols Angels Contract

Albert Pujols contract with Angels was worth $254 million spanning over 10 years from 2011 to 2021. Angels had signed a non-trade clause with the deal.

Bleacher Reports states that the clause restricted the hitter from being traded to other teams throughout his tenure. After Pujols became a free agent for the first time in 2011, the Angels acquired the hitter by spending $50 million more than the Cardinals offer.

Since he was renowned as one of the top hitters in the league after his records in the early decade, the Angels spent their best to rope him in. However, unlike his playing records at the Cardinals, he could not deliver his best for the team from Anaheim.

While it was the greatest deal for Pujols, it is also dubbed as the worst decision in Angel's history by the fans and experts. 

Albert Pujols Cardinals Contract

Albert Pujols contract Cardinals for $2,600,000 in his final year as a professional baseball player. He started his baseball career after being drafted by the Cardinals.

Albert played wearing dodgers uniform in the single season following his waiver from the Angels in May 2021.
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They have signed two major deals with Pujols, with the first being a $100 million deal spanning 7 years and the second being the 1-year deal in his final season for $2.6 million.

In his early years, the Cardinals had offered a $60,000 signing amount after selecting him in the 13th round of the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft. Being the 402nd pick overall, he signed his first Major League contract in 2001 with a starting salary of $200,000.

Later, his progressive play and records contributed to his increasing earnings in the following years. He made $600,000 in his second season, and $900,000 in the third season. Following that he signed an extended contract of 7 years for $100 million in 2004.

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