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Adam Ottavino Wife Brette Ottavino Had A Dreamy Wedding

By Aditya Bhattarai / 16 March 2023 06:48 AM

Adam and his family pictured at the Wheatley plaza while shopping for clothes in the Tutty store.
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Adam Ottavino wife Brette Ottavino is a philanthropist at Sesame Workshop. Adam proposed to Brette on September 2014.

The Ottavino pair met each other through a blind date, and they clicked instantly. They found each other to be the soulmate they had been looking for their whole lives.

Baseball player Adam has been a relief pitcher for the New York Mets since 2022. He is a regular for the Mets alongside Jeff McNeil and Daniel Vogelbach

Drafted by St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the 2006 MLB Draft, the 30th overall player did not get to debut in the Major league until 29 May 2010.

Later, Ottavino was obtained by Colorado Rockies in 2012 and developed as a relief pitcher for the starting team in MLB. After playing six sessions with the Rockies, he signed with New York Yankees in 2019 and moved on to Boston Red Sox in 2021.

Joining the Mets in 2022 for a single year, he extended his contract for two years after the season ended. 

Adam Ottavino And Brette Wolff Ottavino Relationship Timeline

Adam Ottavino and Brette Ottavino married on 18 January 2015. It has been eight years since their wedding.

Adam dated Brette for two years before proposing in September 2014.

The lovely couple met each other after a mutual friend set them up on a blind date, which went better than they expected. Brette had asked her friend to find a genuinely nice guy for her in exchange for planning a party.

While she had not expected to find a fairy tale connection in real life, she felt something special when she saw him for the first time. Considering their bonding, they began to meet frequently, and soon their relationship became official.

The fairy-tale special day of Brette's life was like a dream come true, as she prepared everything in a three months timeline.
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The excitement of Brette marrying her best friend can be witnessed in the comments of Adam's Instagram posts.

Ottavino visited many places with her but rarely shared pictures on social media. After dating her for a few years, Adam proposed to her in front of his parents over a family dinner at his home in New York.

Adam And Brette Had A Fairy Tale Wedding In Santa Barbara

Adam Ottavino and Brette Wolff had a dreamy wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch of Santa Barbara in 2015.

Their venue was decorated with the theme of an enchanted forest. The Ottavino couple exchanged their vows under a rose embedded Chuppah.

The Ottavino couple picture on Instagram had a comment from Brett with a hashtag mentioning her desire to marry him.
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The ceremony took place in the presence of around 100 guests in California. After the proposal in September, the couple planned to get married in January before Adam had to report for spring training with the Rockies.

Brette wanted to plan her special day in a storybook event and had meticulously planned everything herself with the help of a reputed event planner and her mother.

Brette Planned For A Dreamy Venue

Brette decided to plan her marriage ceremony to be a perfect fairy tale event. Brett and Adam also got a reputed planner to bring her ideas to life.

Brette and Adam kissing after she said
Source : insideweddings

For preparing a dreamy fairy-tale-based ceremony in the enchanting forest of Santa Barbera, Brette had the help of her mother to meticulously plan everything for her special day.

While choosing the venue for the event, she was mesmerized by the history of San Ysidro Ranch and knew that it would be a perfect place for their marriage. She wanted a secret garden on her big day, so every detail was planned per the theme.

Brette was looking astonishing in a frothy lace gown that featured small circles on the bodice.
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From butterfly-printed straws to wands made from vintage ribbons for the guests, the white lace rug design on the wooden aisle, decorated with floral and silk butterflies in the event area.

The Final Event Of Exchanging Vows Was Mesmerizing 

Adam Ottavino entered the venue with a Star Wars background to lighten the mood, making his procession with his parents an icebreaker for the guests.

The pair met under a chuppah with hundreds of pink and cream roses, making it a bewitching scene for the guests, as it perfectly blends with the symbol of love.

Brette and Adam exchanged their vows under the lovely chuppah with loads of pink and cream roses.
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Likewise, the dapper ring bearer wore Adam's mitts to hold the rings as they accompanied him with the flower-bearing bridal party.

Inside Wedding mentioned that the pair had felt the day to be perfect, and Adam confirmed by saying he would not change anything from that day.

Similarly, Brette summarized the day by saying it was a dream come true for her to say" I do" to her best friend and soul mate in such a beautiful setting. 

Brette Wolff Works In Charity Events For Sesame Workshop

Brette Wolff Ottavino is a member of the leadership panel for the Impact department of Sesame Workshop.

The foundation does donation campaigns for people in need. Previously, Brette and Adam had participated in a fundraising event for Christmas in July 2021 by collaborating with the Boston Childrens Hospital.

They auctioned a 3-foot Wally Bobblehead, signed by the 2021 Red Sox Players and Coaches. With the amount collected through the auction and donations, they supported the patients and families at the hospital.

Brette Is A Mother Of Two Kids

Brette Ottavino is a mom to two daughters named Bradley Snow and Okaley Leighton.

She became a mother for the first time with the birth of her eldest daughter Bradley on 2 October 2015.

Adam has many memories of his daughter Bradley with Brette from 2018.
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Three years later, she gave birth to her second baby girl Oakely around October. The newborn picture of Okaley with her sister Bradley was pictured by Sara Kalish, as witnessed on Instagram.

The two little angels of MLB pitcher Adam pictured by Sara Kalish after the new born photography.
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Mrs. Ottavino is also active on Instagram while limiting her posts to her followers and friend circles. Her bio highlights her roles as the mother of her two little angels, Bradley and Oakley, while being the BFF of her loving husband, Adam.

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