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Abraham Toro Parents Douglas Toro And Yamila Hernandez Are Venezuelan

By / 16 March 2023 10:47 AM

Abraham(second from right) pictured with mom Yamila(second from left), brother Douglas and sister Kimberling Toro in October 2022.
Source : instagram

Abraham Toro parents Douglas Toro and Yamila Hernandez are educators in Canada. Abraham has one brother and one sister.

His older brother Douglas Toro is a baseball player, while his sister Kimberling Toro is a Consultant.

The 26-year-old third baseman Abraham Toro always had his family to support him. And it was his older brother Douglas who played a major role in his development. Older than him by more than a decade, the siblings share a tight-knit bond.

Currently, his family members are supporting him at World Baseball Classic as he is representing Team Canada and will next face Patrick Sandoval and Austin Barnes, Team Mexico. 

At the team level, Abraham earlier this year in January signed with the Brewers, joining Keston Hirua and Brian Anderson, bidding goodbye to the Mariners.

Abraham Toro Father Douglas Toro And Mother Yamila Hernandez

Abraham Toro parents Douglas Toro and Yamila Hernandez raised three kids in Canada. Their nationality is Venezuelan.

Douglas and Yamila have Venezuelan roots and moved to Canada in 1995, a year before the baseballer was born. A man with a hold in three languages, Abraham prefers to speak Spanish with his parents whenever they call him.

His dad, Douglas, is a huge baseball fan, and his love for the game was shared by his kids, especially his two sons. Douglas, unlike his wife, remains away from the public spotlight and hasn't been pictured in the photos shared by his kids on social media pages.

Abraham Toro pictured with his mom Yamila Hernandez holding his home run ball.
Source : instagram

Yamila Hernandez can never forget the call she received in August 2019. Even before Abraham could reveal to her the news about his MLB debut, Yamila had already understood what he was going to say just because of the way he said, mom.

Speaking to CBC in 2019, Yamila recounted the moment Abraham made the call and the very next moment she was on a plane returning to Houston to see her son make his MLB debut.

Abraham Toro pictured with his family at Restaurant Primi Piatti St-lambert on this mum's birthday.
Source : instagram

On Instagram, Yamila can be seen sharing photos of her trips to several baseball stadiums rooting for her son with her other two children. Previously, Yamila was a frequent visitor at Minute Maid Park and would be seen dawning the Astros jersey.

On September 1, 2019, at Roger Center in his homeland Canada, Abraham Toto hit a two-run home run, the first of his career. The next day on her Instagram, Yamila was seen showing the baseball that had now been encased in a box, and she wrote the caption, "Proud, proud, and proud."

The mother-of-three updates her Instagram daily, sharing glimpses of she and her children supporting Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic. She was at Chase Field to see Team Canada win phenomenally over Colombia. 

Abraham Toro Family

Abraham Toro comes from a family of baseball fans and players. 

Raised by a Venezuelan couple in Quebec, Canada, Abraham Toro grew up alongside two siblings, brother Douglas and sister Kimberling Toro.

Abraham Toro Older Brother Douglas Is A Baseball Player

Abraham Toro's brother Douglas Toro is a baseball coach at Grand Chelem in Canada.

Douglas, named after his dad, had one of the biggest impacts on him. As said by their mother, Douglas always wanted his brother to perform his best on the diamond. He was the first coach Abraham had.

The elder sibling never made it to the big leagues but continued to play in an independent league in Quebec.

For seven years, Douglas worked at the National Bank of Canada. He is a 2009 Lynn University graduate with a human services degree. He went on to pursue his academics at Lynn, earning his MBA degree in 2010.

Abraham Toro brother Douglas Toro is cheered by his teammates after a game in 2018.
Source : instagram

On Instagram, Douglas can be seen sharing several family pictures, including that of his two kids, Samuel and Esther. Currently, at 38, Douglas still plays baseball in Canada for the baseball team Castors Acton Vale. 

His son, Samuel, has already followed in his footsteps and is seen holding trophies he won in his baseball tournaments. 

His Sister Kimberling Toro Is A Doctoral Student

Douglas Toro's sister Kimberling Toro is a former language teacher in high school. She is an educational consultant in colleges.

Currently, Kimberling is pursuing her doctoral degree at Université de Montréal. She is earning her degree in educational psychology and andragogy.

His elder sibling earned her bachelor's degree from Concordia University in Hispanic Literature and a master's degree in education from the University of Montreal. 

Abraham Toro pictured with Kimberling Toro in Seattle, Washington in 2021.
Source : instagram

On Instagram, Kimberling can be seen showing her lifestyle and times when she attends her little brother's game. Last year with her mom and brother, Douglas, Kimberling was seen celebrating with her family with Mariners receiving Wild Card berths.

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