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Aaron Hicks Parents Joseph Hicks And Jody Hicks

By / 1 February 2023 02:51 AM

Aaron(left) poses with his brother Joe Jr(centre) and Joseph Hicks(left) at the Troon North, Arizona golf course
Source : instagram

Aaron Hicks parents Joseph and Jody Hicks raised their son as a golf prodigy. Joseph was previously a player for the Padres. 

A budding baseball career that had seen many trials and tribulations ended abruptly in 1979 after the ball hit Joseph in his right orbital. The resentment Joseph had for the sport remained for years until one day his son decided to pick up his long-lost baseball bat.

Even then, he tried to sway his son from the game by saying if he wanted to play ball, he had to become a switch hitter. It didn't make time for the once-golf prodigy to master the skill set. 

Since being drafted by the Minnesota Twins in 2013, Hicks has had an injury-plagued career, something his father feared. He had a resurgence in form in 2018, which he has not been able to replicate.

But can Hicks, age 33, possibly bring something new to the plate in the 2023 season? He will be closely watched by the Yankees fans who were frustrated by his performance in left field all year long in 2022. 

Aaron Hicks Parents Joseph Hicks And Jody Hicks

Aaron Hicks parents Joseph and Jody Hicks raised two athletes. Their oldest plays golf and their youngest plays baseball.

Joseph and Jody did not want either of their sons to play baseball.

Especially his dad, Joseph, who emphasized how the injuries would plague him throughout his career and golf was the lesser of the two evils. This came from a personal experience for Joseph. 

Joseph Hicks Was A Former Baseball Player Of the Padres Organization

Joseph Hicks had set his mind never to let his son Aaron Hicks touch a baseball bat.

For years, he even hid his seven years long baseball career from his younger son so that he wouldn't fall into the same trap as him. 

But one day, as young Aaron was playing in the backyard, he found a baseball bat. Amazed by it, the kid started swinging it, which resulted in him smashing it into a tree. It was one of the last bats Joseph had of his pro career, and obviously, it had him fuming.

Aaron(centre) makes the peace sign with Hicks Sr giving a thumps up in the photo clicked by Hicks Jr in 2015 during family golf outing.
Source : twitter

It was only after his older brother, Joseph Hicks Jr, said to him about their father's playing career that Aaron came to know about the past life of his dad. Joseph Hicks was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 1975 and later made his debut with Walla Walla Padres.

He struggled in minor leagues for seven years, believing he could make it to the big stage. But during one game, he was hit in the left eye, which damaged his orbital bone. The devastating injury stopped his career as well as the father-of-two didn't want his son to follow in his footsteps.

Hicks Sr remains a golf enthusiast pictured in here at the Anaheim Hills golf course with his friend and his son Hicks Jr in 2019
Source : instagram

It wasn't until age 13 that Aaron started playing baseball, as Joseph had given up on his younger's child obstinacy towards learning the game. Aaron was so stubborn in wanting to play baseball that he made a deal with his dad.

Joseph said to his right-handed son that he would only allow him to play baseball if he learned to hit from his left-hand as well. Challenge was accepted, and Joseph Hicks's plan had backfired.

Seeing his son succeed has watered some of the bitterness Joseph Hick had for the game. Though Judy has tried her best to remain away from the public limelight, she has previously talked about the connection the father-duo shared after Joseph realized baseball was going to be the route Aaron would take.

Inside Aaron Hicks Family Life

Aaron Hicks family is filled with yesteryears athletes and current days athletes. 

With his father, Joseph wanting him to become the next Tiger Woods rather than Mickey Mantle, Joseph Hicks no longer regrets the decision of letting his son pursue the sports he had turned his back on it in 1980. 

Joseph believed his child would one day get a scholarship for his golfing skills. He was already winning several golf tournaments and was being called a prodigy. But after his brother Joseph Jr revealed to Aaron about their dad's baseball career with Padres, everything changed from there. 

Hicks Jr and his son attend the Yankees game with Hicks Sr in 2019
Source : instagram

Joseph Hicks Jr Continues To Play Golf

It was not only Aaron persuaded by his father to play golf, his older brother, Joseph Hicks Jr, was also one of the members of the family who was told to do the same.

And if Aaron put his golf club aside to pick up the baseball bat, Hicks Jr continued his love affair with golf.

Last year during the same time, Joseph Hicks Jr on Instagram showed his 2022 Pebble Beach Players Cup Championship Trophy. The older Hicks brother continues to show his achievements on his social media site. 

Hicks Jr poses at a golf course in a picture shared by him on his Instagram handle in 2022
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He is often accompanied by his younger brother and dad to golf courses, with the Yankees star proving he has not lost his touch with the sport. Hicks Jr is seen attending the Yankees games but not just by himself. He makes sure to take his four kids to watch their uncle play.

Aaron Hicks Married Life With Golfer Cheyenne Woods

Aaron Hicks married Cheyenne Woods, American professional golfer and Tiger Woods' half-niece, on February 2, 2022. 

Aaron might not have been married to the game of golf, but he did marry someone who plays it professionally.

Aaron puts a sweet kiss on Cheyenne's head as the baseballer is pictured with his better half right after their wedding on February 2, 2022
Source : instagram

The couple met in 2020 when Cheyenne interviewed the MLB star for her podcast, Birdies Not BS, and it didn't take long for the couple to hit it off. The engagement came a year later, in October 2021, with Cheyenne sharing the photo of Aaron bending down on one knee as they shared a kiss. 

The sporty couple welcomed their first child, Cameron Jaxson Hicks, on April 26, 2022, with Cheyenne Woods announcing her pregnancy prior to their marriage on February 6, 2022, with a gender theme celebration post. 

Aaron and Cheyenne pictured wearing his jersey as Cheyenne lifts their son Cameron during one of their family trips to the Yankees stadium in 2022
Source : instagram

Along with being a father to Cameron, Aaron is father to two sons, Aaron Jr and Jaylen Zade, whom he had with his previous girlfriend, Jessica Knoles, in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

And despite the breakup, Jessica and Aaron continue to co-parent their children with Aaron Jr and Jaylen are seen frequently on Cheyenne and Aaron's social media handles. 

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