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20 Famous 3rd Baseman Baseball Of All Time

By / 25 January 2023 03:50 AM

Nolan Arenado flexing with his bat
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3rd Baseman Baseball Of All Time are 1. Mike Schmidt 2. Wade Boggs 3. Eddie Mathews and 17 others. A 3rd baseman is a player in baseball to defend the nearest area to third base.

It is also known as the hot corner.

The third baseman is expected to bring reliable power to the plate while getting on base. There has been a generous number of third-base legends from the late 1900s till now.

The third base requires a strong and accurate arm and often needs to make long throws to the first base. Also, they must field fly balls in fair and foul territories.

Mike Schmidt, Ron Santo, and Wade Boggs are some powerful names of best third basemen. 

Here is the list of 20 famous third baseman baseball of all time.

1. Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is known as the best all-time third baseman. Mike drafted one selection after George Brett in 1971.

Mike finished his career with an average batting of 0.267, 2234 hits, 548 home runs, 1595 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of 0.380. The ranking at the plate and his performance on the field quickly put Mike Schmidt at the top of all time at the hot corner.

Highlighting his career, he was awarded as the All-Star player twelve times, starting from 1974 to 1989. In 1980, Mike was the champion of the World Series. He was then awarded as the most valuable player in the years 1980, 1981, and 1986.

Also, he is the ten times winner of the Golden Glove Award, six-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award, eight-time NL home run leader, and four-time NL RBI leader. On April 17, 1976, Mike won hearts with four home runs in one game.

He is now 73 years old and spent his entire career as one of the best third basemen. 

Mike Schmidt hit 548 home runs and led the NL in homers eight times
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2. Wade Boggs

Wade Boggs is an American professional third baseman who spent 18 seasons in Major League Baseball.

Wade is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, and he made his MLB debut on April 10, 1982, for the Boston Red Sox. He appeared in the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on August 27, 1999. Prior to that, he played for New York Yankees from 1993 to 1997.

He recorded 118 home runs, 3010 hits, and 1014 RBIs with a batting average of 0.328. He became the 23rd player to reach three thousand career hits.

Highlighting his career, he was awarded 12 All-Star nods, a World Series champion ring, two Gold Glove awards, and eight Silver Sluggers. In 2005, he joined the member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Wade led the American League six times in on-base percentage.

Wade Boggs on a live match
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3. Eddie Mathews

Eddie Mathews was an American MLB third baseman. Eddie played 17 seasons for Boston Braves and is one of the players to represent the Braves in three American cities.

Eddie played 1944 games during the 13th season for the Braves in Milwaukee. He is regarded as one of the best third basemen to play that game.

He is known for his records of 2315 hits, 512 home runs, 1453 RBIs, and a winning percentage of 0.481. Over his career, he slugged out a 0.267 batting average.

He went to nine All-Star games and was the runner-up to two most valuable player awards. He hit over 35 home runs and notched over 100 RBIs five times. Eddie was also elected into the Hall of Fame in 1978. 

Eddie Mathews posing with his baseball bat
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4. George Brett

George Brett is an American former professional baseball third baseman player.

George played for Kansas City Royals in his entire career. He made his debut in Royals on August 2, 1973, and played till October 3, 1993. 

Over his career of 21 years, he slugged out a batting average of 0.305 with 3154 hits, 317 home runs, and 1596 RBIs. Also, he brought up some solid powers to the table, such as 317 home runs, 665 doubles, 137 triples, and a 0.487 slugging percentage.

He went to thirteen All-Star games and was awarded as the World Series champion in 1985. Moreover, he won a Gold Glove, three Silver Sluggers, and three AL batting championships.

Following his career as a player, George became the vice president of the Royals and has worked as a particular instructor and part-time coach.

George Brett playing golf at Ping World Headquarters
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5. Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones is an American former baseball third baseman and left fielder. Chipper made his MLB debut on September 11, 1993, for the Atlanta Braves.

He played for the Atlanta Braves for 19 years, and his last MLB appearance was on October 3, 2012.

In his 19 years of career, he slugged a batting average of 0.303 with 2726 hits, 468 home runs, and 1623 RBIs. Highlighting awards and achievements, Jones went to eight All-Star games. In 1995, he was the world series champion.

Also, he was awarded the NL's most valuable player in 1999, followed by two Silver Sluggers, MLB batting champion, and a member of the Hall of Fame of Braves. 

Jones was an ESPN color analyst in 2020, and he returned to the Atlanta Braves as an assistant hitting consultant in 2021.

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6. Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre is a Dominican former baseball third baseman regarded as one of the greatest third basemen.

Adrian made his MLB debut on June 24, 1998, for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2005, he played for Seattle Mariners, followed by Boston Red Sox in 2010. The last team he played for was Texas Rangers, and he made his last MLB appearance on September 30, 2018.

In his 20 years of baseball career, he set the record of 0.286 batting average with 3166 hits, 477 home runs, and 1707 RBIs. He was ranked third in home runs among third basemen. Also, he was the fifth major leaguer to hit at least 100 home runs for three different teams.

He went to four All-Star games from 2010 to 2014. Additionally, he won five Gold Gloves, and four Silver Sluggers and was the NL home run leader. He was also a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

Adrian Beltre receiving honor for Hall of Fame
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7. Brooks Robinson

Brooks Robinson is a former third baseman in MLB who played his entire career for Baltimore Orioles.

Brooks is considered to be one of the greatest defensive third basemen in major league history. He has a record of 0.267 batting average with 2848 hits, 268 home runs, and 1357 RBIs. 

He went to 18 All-Star games and was two times world series champion. In 1964, he won the AL most valuable player. Also, he won 16 gold gloves and was the AL RBI leader in 1964. Later, he was awarded the Roberto Clemente Award in 1972.

He is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Brooks Robinson on the field
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8. Ron Santo

Ron Santo is an American MLB third baseman who played for Chicago Cubs from 1960 to 1973.

He made his debut in the Cubs on June 26, 1960. Then, he was selected for the Cubs-All-Century team in 1999 and inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012.

Analyzing his statistics, he has a record of 0.277 batting average with 2254 hits, 342 home runs, and 1331 RBIs. He played for Chicago Cubs for 13 years and later he played for Chicago White Sox in 1974.

He went to the nine All-Star games starting from 1963 to 1973. He won five gold gloves and was also selected for the Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame. 

Ron Santo on the practice field
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9. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball third baseman and shortstop. He made his MLB debut in 1994.

Alex played for the Seattle Mariners starting on July 8, 1994. Then, he played for Texas Rangers for three years joining in 2001. Lastly, he played for the New York Yankees till 2016.

Over his baseball career, he set the record of a 0.295 batting average with 3115 hits, 696 home runs, and 2086 RBIs. He also became the youngest player to hit 500 home runs, reaching the milestone in 2007.

Highlighting his achievements, he played 14 All-Star games starting from 1996 to 2011. In 2009, he was awarded the world series champion. Also, he won three AL most valuable player, two gold gloves, 10 silver sluggers, four AL Hank Aaron awards, five home run leader, two MLB RBI leader, and one MLB batting champion in his career.

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10. Scott Rolen

Scott Rolen is an American former third baseman who played in MLB for many teams including Cincinnati Reds.

Scott made his debut with Philadelphia Phillies in 1996. He played 25 matches in his first season of professional baseball with five doubles and 12 RBIs in 80 at-bats. Later, he played for St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cincinnati Reds.

He played additional 20 games after his promotion to the Double-A-Reading Phillies of the Eastern League. He set the record of 0.281 batting average, 2077 hits, 316 home runs, and 1287 RBIs.

In his career, he played seven All-Star matches starting from 2002 to 2011. He was declared as the world series champion in 2006 and NL Rookie of the Year in 1997. He won eight gold gloves, and one silver slugger, and was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame.

Scott Rolen receiving Hall of Fame honor
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11. Buddy Bell

Buddy Bell is a third baseman as well as a manager in MLB serving as a vice president currently.

He made his MLB debut on April 15, 1972, for the Cleveland Indians. He has finished his 18 years of career with three teams; Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Cincinnati Reds. He also managed the Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies, and Kansas City Royals.

Buddy's MLB statistics show the record of 0.279 batting average with 2514 hits, 201 home runs, 1106 RBIs, and a winning percentage of 0.418.

He has played five All-Star games and won six gold gloves, and one silver slugger. Additionally, he was the member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

Buddy Bell on the action during a match
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12. Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor is an American former MLB player and the former manager of the Minnesota Twins.

He started his baseball career at the age of 22. During his 21 years of career in this field, he played for three teams; Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Minnesota Twins.

Analyzing his MLB statistics, he has a record of 0.306 batting average, 3319 hits, 234 home runs, 1307 RBIs, 504 stolen bases, and a winning percentage of 0.471.

Paul went to seven All-Star games from 1980 to 1994. In 1993, he was declared the world series champion. In the same year, he also won the World Series most valuable player. Also, he won four silver sluggers and the AL Manager of the Year award.

He was a member of the American Family Field Walk of Fame, Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor, and Major League Baseball All-Time Team.

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13. Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arendo is a third baseman who played for the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB. Nolan is recognized as one of the most elite third basemen.

Nolan started his career on April 28, 2013, for the Colorado Rockies and has played for two teams including St. Louis Cardinals. He was traded to the Cardinals before the season of 2021.

He has a record of 0.289 batting average with 1520 hits, 299 home runs, and 970 RBIs. He became the first third baseman and 11th major leaguer to drive in more than 130 runs in three successive seasons.

Highlighting his career, he has played seven All-Star games from 2015 to 2022. He is a young third baseman to win ten gold gloves, six platinum gloves, five silver sluggers, three Wilson Defensive Player of the Year, three times NL home run leader, two times NL RBI leader, and five Fielding Bible awards. Also, he won the Hit for the Cycle twice in 2017 and 2022.

In 2023, he ensured that he will remain in St. Louis through the season of 2027.

Nolan Arenado Colorado to the Cardinals
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14. Graig Nettles

Graig Nettles is an American former MLB third baseman who played for many teams including Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

He made his MLB debut on September 6, 1967, for the Minnesota Twins. Then, he played for Cleveland Indians for two years followed by New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, and Montreal Expos.

Graig was known as one of the most defensive and prominent third basemen of all time, despite having an average batting average. He has set an AL record for career home runs by a third baseman.

Analyzing his statistics, he has a batting record of 0.248 with 2225 hits, 390 home runs, and 1314 RBIs. 

In his 23 years of baseball career, he played six All-Star games, won two world series champions, one ALCS most valuable player, two gold gloves, and was AL home run leader. Also, he was the captain of the New York Yankees.

Graig Nettles, the third baseman is now a coach
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15. Edgar Martinez

Edgar Martinez is a former baseball player and coach. Edgar played in MLB as a third baseman and designated hitter.

He made his MLB debut on September 12, 1987, for the Seattle Mariners and played his entire career for the particular team. 

In his career, he played in seven All-Star games, won five silver sluggers, and two AL RBI leaders. In 2004, he won Roberto Clemente Award and was a member of the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame.

He has a record of 0.312 batting average followed by 2247 hits, 309 home runs, and 1261 RBIs. In 1984, he batted 0.303 with 84 walks and 15 home runs for Class A Midwest League and Wausau Timbers.

Moreover, he played 111 games for Chattanooga and recorded a 0.353 average in 20 games. In 129 games, Edgar had a 0.327 batting average with 10 home runs and 31 doubles.

Edgar served as the hitting coach of the Mariners from 2015 to 2018.

Edgar Martinez appeared in Seattle Mariners vs Minnesota Twins
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16. Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria played for the Arizona Diamondbacks of the MLB recently. Before that, he played for Tampa Bay Rays.

Evan made his MLB debut on April 12, 2008, for the Tampa Bay Rays. After that, he played for San Francisco Giants from 2018 to 2022. He is well-known for his acrobatic defense, career records, runs, home runs, doubles, and Wins Above Replacement.

He has set the record of a 0.265 batting average with 1883 hits, 331 home runs, and 1131 RBIs.

Highlighting his career, he played three All-Star games from 2008 to 2010. He won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 2008 followed by Silver Slugger Award in 2009. Also, he won three gold gloves, the Fielding Bible Award, the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award, and the Hit for the Cycle.

Evan Longoria at San Francisco Giants camp
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17. Manny Machado

Manny Machado is a professional third baseman and shortstop for the San Diego Padres of MLB.

He made his MLB debut on August 9, 2012, and he earned a spot in the American League within a year. The defensive prowess of Manny has earned him frequent comparisons to former third basemen and Brooks Robinson.

Manny has played for three teams till now. Currently, he is playing for San Diego Padres for two years. Prior to that, he played for Los Angeles Dodgers in 2018 and Baltimore Orioles from 2012 to 2018.

He has a record of 0.282 average batting with 1597 hits, 283 home runs, and 853 RBIs.

In his 11 years of baseball career, he played six All-Star games, won two All MLB First Team, two gold gloves, one platinum glove, one silver slugger, and a Fielding Bible award.

Manny Machado wishing everyone Dominican Independence Day
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18. Ken Boyer

Ken Boyer was an American MLB third baseman, coach, and manager. Ken played with many teams including St. Louis Cardinals.

Ken started his career in MLB on April 12, 1995, for the St. Louis Cardinals. He then played for New York Mets, followed by Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Analyzing the statistics, he has set the record of 0.287 batting average, 2143 hits, 282 home runs, 1141 RBIs, and a winning percentage of 0.466.

In his career, he played 11 All-Star games, won five gold gloves, and was one of NL's most valuable players. In 1964, he won the world series championship and in the same year, he won the NL RBI leader. Additionally, he was the member of the St. Louis Hall of Fame.

Ken Boyer led the Cardinals to its first World Series championship in 18 years
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19. George Kell

George Kell was the MLB third baseman who played 15 seasons for the Philadelphia Athletics.

George played for the Athletics at the start of his career. Later, he played for Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, and Baltimore Orioles. He went on to become a Detroit Tigers broadcaster for 37 years.

He has a record of 0.306 batting average with 2054 hits, 78 home runs, and 870 RBIs, and led the AL in hits, doubles, and singles. Kell struck out 287 times in 6702 at-bats during his career.

Highlighting his career, he played 10 All-Star games from 1947 to 1957. He won the AL batting champion in 1949.

George Kell ended the 56 game hitting streak
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20. Sal Bando

Sal Bando was the American third baseman and the general manager of MLB. Sal spent 11 seasons with the Kansas City and Oakland Athletics.

He was the captain of the team and won three consecutive world series championships between 1972 and 1974. He was the runner-up for the AL's most valuable player in 1971.

He has a record of 0.254 batting average with 242 home runs and 1039 RBIs. In his career, he played four All-Star games, won three world series, and was the Wall of Honor at Milwaukee Brewers.

Also, he was a member of the Oakland Athletics Hall of Fame. The National College Baseball inducted Sal in 2013 and inaugurated him as a member. 

At the end of his career, he ranked third in American League history with 1896 career games as a third baseman and was ranked fourth in league history in assists, fourth in double plays, and tenth in putouts.

Sal Bando on the field
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